Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Stephanie/Brooke: A shooting occurs, leaving Stephanie to tell Brooke know she is going to go after Stephen for what he did to Pam.

Nick/Bridget/Owen: Aggie's announcement about Owen and Bridget sets off a powder keg at the baby shower. Nick flips when Bridget breaks down and tells all, rips into his wife, and attacks Owen.

Oliver/Brooke: Mr. Jones and Brooke fret over the realization of their tryst and try to figure out a way to keep it under wraps. Oliver puts his foot in his mouth while talking to Brooke, and the two exchange words. Later, Oliver wonders if he and Brooke are on tape during the music video shoot. Hope starts to wonder what Oliver's keeping from her.

Marcus/Steffy: His old feelings for Steffy reignite while she is at a photo shoot. Later, she becomes speechless when Marcus reveals what he saw.