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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!


Daniel/Abby: Amber sends Daniel divorce papers. A down-and-out Daniel takes Abby up on her offer to take a dip in the Newman pool when he bumps into her. The two have a fab time together as Daniel attempts to figure out what is going on with Abby and her reality show. Abby deflects his questioning by pulling in for a steamy kiss. The two start to get passionate and start to have sex. Unbeknownst to Daniel, the cameras are rolling.

While Daniel's asleep, Abby checks with Kent to see if everything is on tape and reveals she will have a hot sex tape like all the other celeb heiresses. Abby wants the tape released to the blogs, to generate more buzz for her. Later, Nikki and Phyllis come upon the two. Hell have no fury like a pissed off mama Phyllis! She informs her son Victor will not be thrilled about this and orders him to stay away from Abby. He agrees to his mother's demands. Meanwhile, Abby gets a taste of what Phyllis is like in protective mode.

Phyllis: She is not thrilled about her husband and Sharon's relationship. Things are not looking peachy for Nick when Phyllis detects his jealousy.

Chance: He has a bumpy beginning with his new partner.

Cane/Mac: The two duke it out in court over the twins.

Tucker/Ashley: They hit Japan to find out what Victoria is up to. Tucker and Ashley start to get attracted to one another.

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Victor/Jack: Score one for Old Smilin' Jack, he saves Mr. Mumbles. The pair team up once again and formulate a plan to take Adam down. Skye falls for Victor's plot with ease.

Nick/Phyllis: Legal eagle Michael discovers Phyllis is the key to helping Nick and realizes she can change the tides for her husband in either direction. Phyllis comes through and saves the man she loves.

Adam/Sharon: Sharon speaks with Adam who attempts to explain himself and prove his love for her. Sharon informs Adam she will never forgive him for lying about Faith. Adam realizes she is setting him up and disconnects the call. Sharon tries to call back, but Skye has tampered with the phone. Later, Sharon gets asked for a favor which makes her reach her breaking point.

Jill: She gets word her mother Liz is coming to town. On the plane, Liz gets sick and gets rushed to the hospital once in Genoa City. Jill is in for a shock when she sees Snapper. Meanwhile, Snapper starts to worry Liz's cancer is back. Jill and Katherine are crushed finding out about Liz's health. Kay is there for Jill when she finds out about Liz.

Liz confides in Snapper she knows exactly who Jill's real parents are. He promises not to say a word to Jill, but lets the cat out of the bag with Katherine. The grand dame figures out Liz revealed to Snapper who Jill's parents are. Meanwhile, Jill and Liz have a tender moment with the younger Foster sharing her gratitude for taking her in and being a excellent mother to her. Snapper starts to feel the weight of Liz's secret on his shoulders. He and Jill have a showdown over his lies. Greg Foster hits town just when Jill starts to sober up with the truth surrounding her real parents.