The Best of General Hospital's Upcoming Guest Star, Kalup Linzy!!!

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First of all, let me just say how happy I am ABC Daytime has apparently gotten over their fears that Mainstream America isn't ready for the gays. Frank Valentini, Ron Carlivati, Brett Claywell and Scott Evans really must have broken new ground over at One Life to Live, because in the short time since ABC scrapped the Kish storyline, the network division has obviously had quite the change of heart, and has embraced the work of phenomenal gay performance artist Kalup Linzy! I think ABC Daytime needs to be honored in a special ceremony by GLAAD for this. (Snort).


That being said, here are some of James Franco's upcoming General Hospital scene partner Kalup Linzy's performance art pieces. Dude is fierce! He needs his own show on Logo. I know, maybe Brian Frons can produce it?

Kalup Linzy - Bed from SuperTest on Vimeo.

Kalup Linzy - Chewing Gum from SuperTest on Vimeo.

Kalup Linzy - The Wire from SuperTest on Vimeo.