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Bill And Susan Seaforth Hayes Dish "Wonderful" DAYS Returns

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Days of Our Lives legends Bill andSusan Seaforth Hayes(Doug and Julie Williams) discussed returning to the show for the upcoming memorial of Alice Horton (Frances Reid) with Days Insider at

Days Insider:What has it been like reuniting with some of the actors returning to the show?

Susan: It's been wonderful. We had a moment when Ken Corday was on the stage, and he had been watching the scenes being filmed. He's usually not on the set, but this time he was. He begin snapping photos of all of us, and the more photos he took, the more actors gathered around to be in his photos. Ken kind of felt like a dad taking a photo of all his kids. It was a sentimental and emotional moment.

Bill: This whole experience, which has now been 40 years for me is like a family. It may be cliché to say, but it really is a second family. To have all of these actors back for the memorial, it's like seeing some of the closest people in your life. So many wonderful characters back on the show, it was great to see. I love the fact the writers brought them back for this special tribute.

The couple also revealed what viewers are in store for once Alice's memorial finally hits the screens.

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Days Insider:What are fans going to get from this very touching Alice tribute that was filmed for Days?

Susan: I have one key fan that lives next to me and we run into each other about once a week. And she told me she was in tears from just watching the promo. I think it's going to be very satisfying for the viewer. It will be emotional and uplifting. We could not have done it in a more tasteful way than it has been done. We were all very pleased with the final outcome.

Bill: The fans will eat this up. This memorial was done so emotionally and tastefully well. Reminds me of when McDonald Carey passed away and we did a tribute to him and when different characters were talking about Dr. Tom Horton, we really were talking about McDonald. These instances, when the characters are talking about Alice Horton, we, as actors are really talking about Frances Reid. Actors are emotional people, but when you do a show, you work with someone for a few weeks or months, but in daytime, you work with these people for years. I spent 40 years with Frances Reid; you can't help talk about Alice Horton, without thinking Frances. I look forward to seeing the final product on screen. I know they've selected some great older scenes; I just can't wait to see which ones.