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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Sonny and Claire go round and round the Mulberry Bush, otherwise known as, what happens if Sonny provokes Johnny?  Sonny tries to get a free pass for killing Johnny in self-defense, but Claire sees right through that and informs him that if she finds him standing over a dead Johnny, she's nailing his hide to the wall. 

Line of the day:

Claire to Sonny: "You think the world owes you a favor, because your step-dad slapped you around."

Kristina continues to try and convince Johnny to play with fire, but doesn't really give him a good enough reason to have a death wish.  Johnny smartly tells Kristina he won't go along with her plan, although it's clear he's intrigued.

Lulu comes on to Dante, but he's too preoccupied with the picture Franco sent him. So, when Maxie calls, he sends Lulu out to meet her and has Ronnie come over to discuss Franco. This really just gives Ronnie another opportunity to complain about Dante not bagging Sonny as promised.

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Jason apparently doesn't understand English, since he asks Carter to repeat his very short message about Franco.  Carter dies, which Michael witnesses before Jason hustles him out of the shower and back into their cell.  Jason tells Michael that he saw nothing and Michael agrees to that.

Nikolas shows up to let Luke and Tracy out of the dungeon, but questions why they were put in there in the first place.  Tracy's not putting up with that crap and tells Nik so.  Lucky shows up as well, which makes Luke proud and Lacey are allowed to leave.

Funny line of the day:

Nik: "How do I know you're not supposed to be in here?"

Tracy: "Do you actually think there is a good reason to throw people in dungeons?"

Lucky gives an emotional speech to an unemotional Nikolas that, after having his life taken from him by Helena, he finally found some happiness with Liz again, only to have Nikolas take it from him. I really wish Elizabeth had been there to hear it.  Lucky locks Nikolas in the dungeon to give him a taste of Cassadine medecine.

Carly calls Patrick on his jealousy of Steven and Lisa, but he claims he isn't jealous because he truly loves Robin. 

Carly and Brook set things up so that Lulu overhears them and thinks Carly's firing Brook for coming onto Dante. Lulu assures Carly that Brook isn't a threat.

Dante goes to Jason with the photo from Franco, but the warden breaks up their staredown.