James Franco Reveals Why Franco Can't Get Enough of GH's Jason Morgan


TV Guide Magazine'sMichael Logan chatted with James Franco on what is up with his alter ego's bromance with General Hospital's Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).

TV Guide Magazine: Let's talk about your character. What drives Franco? What's his obsession with Jason really all about?

Franco: Franco is an artist who works with death. He works in a lot of different ways. He does graffiti, performances, photographs. He creates installations based on murder scenes featuring murders he possibly was involved with. He's interested in pushing the boundaries of art — both aesthetically and ethically — and he will go way too far. There are a lot of artists working today who go too far.

After a interesting conversation on how far an artist will go for their work, the actor finally gives an insight as to why his character is obsessed with Jason.

TV Guide Magazine: So back to the question. What's driving Franco?

Jason is a master assassin who's murdered a lot of people and gotten away with it, which is very attractive to Franco. He likes that danger. [Long thoughtful pause] There's an underlying sexiness to that....if that's what you're getting at. Yes, there's a underlying sexiness to that connection.

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