General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


The warden takes Jason away, which pisses off Dante. Dante then pumps Michael for information, but he's not willing to give any.  The warden has no proof that Jason killed Carter and after Jason pleads his case, he's back in the cell with MIchael.  Michael wants to continue to learn from his master how to kill people, people who aren't trying to steal his sister.

Carly tries to convince Lulu that, like father like son, Dante will cheat on her, but Lulu doesn't beleive it.  Brook either really wants the money or has become a vindictive biatch in the time she was away from Port Charles, because I'm really not understanding her motivation.

Skye comes to tell Ethan that Luke and Tracy are on their way back, that Luke has bought himself a clue and asked that Blaze keep her distance while he tries to re-court Spanky Buns.  Skye asks Jax to help her find Lorenzo's hidden money.

Maya schleps over to the Haunted Star to let Ethan know that Tracy's coming back and is ticked at Luke.  Apparently Maya doesn't own a phone, since anytime a message needs to be sent to the people on the Star, she's the one that goes.  Either that or they're trying really hard to form some chemistry between Maya and Ethan.

Alexis is determined to paint Sonny as dear old dad to Kristina, who doesn't want to hear it.  Kris did have a couple of good points, that Alexis is whitewashing Sonny's sins as K did with Kiefer.  Kristina later confides in Molly that she's going to work with Johnny to, well, I'm not really sure I understand her plan.  Make Sonny crazy?  Make Sonny stop abusing women?  Make Sonny understand that he's an abusing douchebag? 

Olivia and Johnny fight about his revenge against Sonny and she storms out, only to return later with a bottle of booze and some sexing on the brain.  Clearly she's not that upset about the whole Sonny thing.

Steven guesses correctly that Lisa is using him to make Patrick jealous, but she doesn't care, and jumps his bones.  I get the feeling Steven's going to be really hurt when this is all over.

Jax shows up at the Metrocourt and Carly tries her come hither moves on him with an invitation to dinner, only to have Jax turn her down in favour of Skye.  Burn!!