General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Johnny tells Ethan about his run-in with Kristina and her plan to annoy Sonny. Ethan seems a little annoyed, or jealous, that Johnny might be spending time with Kristina.

Tracy’s in the hospital, recovering from her ordeal. Luke shows up to play nice, but Tracy’s not interested. Helena shows up and snarks about Tracy still being alive. Tracy tells her she’ll have her arrested and kicks both Luke and Helena out of her room.

Nikolas gives Helena a slap on the wrist for the whole locking Lacey in the dungeon thing and tells her to move out of Windemere. Then he tells Liz that Helena is moving out, but she doesn’t care. She tells him she plans on breaking the trust to invest in a ‘sure’ deal to gain financial independence.

Edward and Maya discuss Justus and his death; but Maya, although grateful for everything that Edward has done for her and her sister, is not interested in being Edward's redemption.

Dante and Lulu discuss the Michael situation and how much Dante’s trying to help. After Lulu leaves, Claire shows up and Dante shows her the picture from Franco. She’s determined to work the case to catch Franco. Dante heads over to Judge Carroll’s chambers to convince him to get Michael released.

Sonny visits Michael and lays it on pretty thick along the lines of how Michael is his favorite. Sam visits Michael, worried about Jason. And Lulu visits Michael to plead Dante’s case. Michael’s more social now than when he was on the outside.

Maya and Ethan run into each other in the street, just as she’s managed to dump her drink on herself. Ethan offers her a place to clean up and brings her to Johnny’s, pretending that it’s his place.

Kristina continues to explain to Molly her plan to bring down her father with Johnny’s help. Even though Molly points out that Johnny might not be interested, Kristina assumes that he will. Later on, Sonny shows up to see Kristina, only to have Molly show us that she’s her father’s daughter (love me some Ric Lansing) and con Sonny into believing that Kristina has a boyfriend.

Kristina runs into Johnny on the street and they make cute, until Sonny shows up and orders K to his side, only to have her grab Johnny’s hand and hold it. I think that noise you hear is Sonny’s head exploding from the inside!