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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Johnny and Kristina continue to mess with Sonny’s head, letting him think that not only are they dating but doing even more. Johnny wraps his arm around Kristina, informing Sonny that the age of consent is 17 and Sonny pops a couple of veins. Kristina refuses to go with Sonny, so he leaves in anger.

Michael and Jason discuss Dante. Jason reinforces that Dante can’t be trusted. Michael has decided that he wants to work in the business rather than go to school and get a real job. Jason tries to convince him otherwise.

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Lulu goes to Carly to discuss the Carter situation, but Carly knows nothing about it. Carly visits Michael to get the details.

Dante begs Judge Carroll to release Michael. Dante paints a pretty convincing picture of Michael’s life and how he’d learn a better lesson if released. Dante goes home to Lulu and, after christening the coffee table, he tells her that Michael will be released into his custody.

Ethan continues to try to woo Maya, but Johnny comes home, so Maya leaves. Johnny tells Ethan about the situation with Sonny, but tells Ethan that this thing with Kristina was a one time deal.

Sonny summons Olivia to tell her that Johnny’s messing with Kristina. She doesn’t believe him and leaves. Alexis arrives and she doesn’t believe it either, but the more Sonny talks, the more she starts to hyperventilate.

Claire goes to see Jason to demand information about Franco. He says he’ll tell her everything after she gets Michael out.

Kristina shows up at Johnny’s to reminisce about the event with Sonny, just as Olivia arrives and catches them together.