How Will Franco be Connected to Brenda on General Hospital?


In a new interview with TV Guide's Michael Logan, General Hospital scribe Bob Guza confirms pervy serial killer Franco (James Franco) will share a connection with the-soon-to-be returning Brenda Barrett Jacks Morgan Okay, while I definitely think it's smart to connect one of the hottest star in GH history with one of their biggest name guest stars ever (though he's no Richard Simmons), I sure hope my dear, darling Brenda's tramp-stamped bottom doesn't find itself in mortal jeopardy for most of her stint, due to GH's current state of "Francophrenia". 


Brenda has more important things to do in Port Chuck than to be bothered with Franco and Jason's (Steve Burton) silly, artsy-fartsy love affair, i.e. cuss Carly (Laura Wright) and Jax (Ingo Radamacher) out, burst out laughing at the very ridiculousness of Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and make mad, sweet, marinara sauce-fueled love to Sonny (Maurice Benard)! Even still,

what do you think Brenda's secret connection to Franco will be?

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