Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!


Madeline: She convinces Mia to leave fair Salem.

Kayla: She lets it be known she's not feeling baby brother Bo's romance with Carly.

Alice: The Hortons are back in full force. Lucas returns to have Alice visit with her namesake, Allie. Mike turns up at the hospital, which shocks Lexie, as he comes in as a patient. He had a car accident while traveling home. Maggie gives the Horton family bad news. Their beloved Alice has passed away. When Hope gets the news, she crumples in her father's arms. Fancy face's emotions are on high with Alice's death and her upcoming divorce. Doug soothes Hope by filling her in on something Alice told him. She never believed that Bo and Hope would call it quits and believed they would reunite.

Meanwhile, the good citizens of Salem come together for Alice's memorial service at the graveyard, where everyone shares their fondest memories of the Horton matriarch. Once the service is over, Kim spots Shane and her heart goes aflutter. Kim never stopped loving Shane and wanted him by her side when she fought her battle with leukemia, but couldn't bring herself to contact him. Bo and Hope also have a heartfelt moment when she invites him to the Horton house. Bo agrees and shows up minus Carly, out of respect for Hope. Later, she eavesdrops on Abe, Bo and Roman talking about the mugging case, which sets her off and divides the lovebirds once more.

Carrie: She gives Sami some big sister advice regarding EJ and Rafe.

Adrienne: She fills her sister-in-law Kay in on Stephanie's recent action.

Stefano/Madeline/Kate: The DiMeras are victorious in getting the freaky, sneaky tape from Madeline. Stefano and Kate decide to watch what's on the tape and the Phoenix is loving the peep show. Madeline calls Stefano and lets him know she is the loop regarding Kate stealing the safety deposit box and is fine with it. She informs Stefano that he and Kate can keep the tape, but she insists on receiving the other items which were in the box. Stefano acquiesces to her demands and heads off to warn Madeline not to mess with a DiMera. Kate starts to gather up Madeline's things, when she comes across something which piques her curiosity. Whatever it is, Kate decides to play it close the vest and not tell Stefano all about it. Instead, she decides to talk to Madeline about her discovery.

Daniel/Chloe: The two are about to get hitched when Carly comes busting in. Chloe thinks the good doctor's about to spill the beans regarding her infidelity, but Carly shocks them all by announcing that Chloe's knocked up! We all knew this was coming since I blogged about it for the summer spoilers. Chloe is in doubt about Carly's news, since she was told she couldn't have any children. Carly insists that she is and informs everyone that the evidence popped up while running Chloe's blood work. Daniel wants to have a sonogram to check on their miracle baby, but Chloe nixes it since Carly is the one to perform it. Chloe finally relents and gets the proof in black and white. Her elation turns to fear when she realizes Philip may be the father, after hearing she's two months along.

Brady/Nicole: Nicole tries to get Brady's mind off Arianna by suggesting he assist her with a news story. Brady thinks Nicole should talk about Ari and her case, but Nicole shoots down the idea. She then gets the news she was waiting for, Brady and Arianna have called it quits. Nicole's joy turns to fear when she runs into EJ. He lets her know he's onto her with framing Ari and will bust her when he heads to his client's arraignment hearing.