Reviewing Christina Bennett Lind as AMC's Bianca Montgomery


Fancast’sSara Bibel and Serial Drama’sMallory are weighing in with their unique perspectives on Christina Bennett Lind‘s debut as All My Children’s Bianca Montgomery.

Fancast’s Sara Bibel,

All things considered, Lind has done a terrific job. It helps that she has a physical resemblance to both Riegel and the other Kane women. Her voice also sounds similar. Since Bianca returned to Pine Valley to search for a missing Erica, Lind had to play tough, emotional scenes from day one. I was impressed that she seemed to have thought a lot about who the character is. She has given Bianca a toughness that she did not have before. It will take a little getting used to, but it makes sense for the character. She is a Kane woman, after all. Lind can definitely act. She adeptly managed to transition between Bianca’s fears for her mother’s safety and her anger and mistrust of Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) and David (Vincent Irizarry). Her newness to the genre is evident. She over enunciates a lot of her words and some of her facial expressions are mannered. Given her background in theater, this is understandable. I am sure that as she becomes more accustomed to daytime, those tics will disappear.

Serial Drama’s Mallory,

So I really AM going to try to give her a chance, but it will take some getting used to. For one, her Bianca seems...older? than Eden Riegel's. Not that Ms. Lind seems old (and I have no idea how old she is), she just comes across as more mature. And she has a very strange habit of over-enunciating the ends of words (Bianca: My motheR coulD be deaD. You diD thaT) (oddly, Natalie Hall had the same issue when she joined the show, too), but maybe that will get less noticeable after a while?

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