General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Alexis tries to convince a stubborn Sonny not to kill Johnny – that it will only reinforce what Kristina's been saying and make her hate him even more. 

Olivia tears a huge strip off of Kristina, in one of the best dressing-down scenes between adult/child I've seen in a long time.  It's something Alexis should have done, but I find Alexis to be way too soft on K.  Ethan arrives and Johnny asks him to take K home. 

Ethan tries to talk some sense into Kristina, explaining to her that Johnny is making bad choices, which may lead to Sonny's death, asking if that's what she wants.  He also tells her she'll get caught in the middle of the drama.  Alexis comes home, thanks Ethan and tries to talk to Kristina, who snarks out her mother and walks out. Why Alexis didn't follow her out, grab her by the hair and haul her bratty butt back into the house is beyond me.

Olivia asks Johnny if he's gotten together with Kristiina and Johnny bends the truth to make it sound like he is.  She blasts him for his obsession with Sonny, based on his need to avenge Claudia, who was no saint.  Johnny acknowledges Claudia's flaws, but she was his sister and he'll avenge her or die trying.  Olivia leaves and Jolivia appear to be over.

Jason tells Claire everything about Franco.  Claire seems determined to take Franco down.

Michael assures Carly that he's ok and not to avenge those she thinks put him in prison, but Carly assures him that Dante and Lulu will pay.  Carly pays a visit to Spinelli to ensure that their plan is still working out.  She receives a call that Michael is getting out today.

Lulu realizes that with Michael moving in, that might be the end of all the Lante lovefests.  Later on when she tells Brook the news, Brook also points that out to her.  However, I don't think Dante needs to watch Michael 24/7 since he'll be wearing an ankle monitor, so he could meet Lulu at her place if he wanted to.

Ethan goes back to Johnny's, who's drowning his sorrows in alcohol.  Johnny explains how he and Olivia came together, but that Sonny always had a part of her heart.  Olivia heads over to Sonny's to tell him what she saw, but warns him not to react, since that's what both Johnny and Kristina want.

Michael is released to Dante's custody and Dante drops him off at Carly's, where everyone is there to celebrate.  Carly, ungrateful biatch that she is, doesn't question who or how Michael got out, nor does she thank Dante for bringing him.

Dante goes to tell Sonny that Michael has been released, but when Sonny tries to go and see Michael, Dante tells him one of the conditions is that Sonny stay away.  Anyone want to take bets on how often we'll be hearing the words "but he's MY son" in the next few weeks?