Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!


Chloe: She makes a decision which may harm her relationship with Chance.

Cane/Mac/Lily: The Aussie impostor and barmaid head to court over the stem cells. Mac tries desperately to persuade Cane to throw his case out but he sticks to his guns. Meanwhile Lily and Olivia arrive back to Genoa City and Jill informs her faux daughter-in-law of what's going on and she races to the courthouse to testify against Cane! Lily arrives at the moment the judge is about to side with Cane when Lily steps in. She pleads with the judge to rule in Mac's favor. When Neil inquires how she found out, Lily fills everyone in about Jill giving her the heads up about the case.

Everyone starts to gang up on Jill but Lily defends her. Cane drops the suit and heads home with Lily to spend some time together. Lily starts to get worse by the moment. Meanwhile, Mac starts to have second thoughts about the entire thing when she goes into labor! Everything works out for the best as the doctors take the stems cells from the babies umbilical cord.

Phyllis: She reveals something surprising to Nikki.

Nick: His trial has an outcome nobody expected.

Kevin/Jana/Ryder: Kevin heads to the GCAC to see how Jana's doing. He walks in and discovers his wife getting freaky sneaky with Ryder! Kevin flips out and rips into the two of them but Jana fights back informing Kevin they're done and she can do whatever she wants. Kevin isn't trying to hear what she is saying and hauls off and punches Ryder. Ryder expresses remorse for what took place to Kevin. Meanwhile, Kevin and Jana talk in private and he lets her know Ryder's just hustling her but Jana is not hearing any of it.

She tells Kevin she believes in Ryder and also has feelings for him. Kevin is crushed by this revelation. Once Kevin leaves Ryder and Jana talk about how they've betrayed Kevin but want to purse their relationship. Jana tells Ryder they must find a place of their own since Kevin won't allow them to cavort on his dime.

Ashley: She is adamant about not leaving Neil in the lurch.

Lauren: She and Katherine have an eye-opening chat.

Adam: He ponders his choices.