General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Michael and family have a lovely reunion, but I found it odd that no one asked right away what, who or how Michael was standing in their living room.  It wasn't until later in the episode when Carly mentioned going to the hotel to celebrate that Michael brought up the various stipulations that he has to follow, including living with Dante.  Jocelyn continues to be a sweet little pork chop, happily letting Chad Duell and then nuMorgan hold her.

Dante tells Sonny that one of the conditions is that he has to stay away from Michael and shockingly, SHOCKINGLY, Sonny doesn't want to.  He doesn't.  He doesn't.  Dante reminds him that he's a horrible father and that his children would be better off nowhere near him.

While Brook and Lulu continue to discuss Michael's return, Olivia shows up to talk to Dante and tells the girls that Johnny is sleeping with Kristina, which surprises Lulu. Lulu chooses not to take sides (a common occurence with her these days), but when Olivia continues to see Sonny's side of things, Lulu sets her straight.

Line of the day:

Lulu to Olivia: "What is out of line is that you would take Sonny's side on anything."

Interesting facial reaction from Brook when she hears about Sonny shooting Dante.

Maxie goes to see Jason, to tell him she also received a picture from Franco.  He tells her to take it to Claire and Maxie's, upset that he can't deal with it himself.

Spinelli is upset that Jason didn't get out with Michael.  He arranges for Sam to pretend to be Brenda to have conjugal visits with Jason, which makes for a much happier Jason.  Maxie visits Spinelli, and originally lies about why she saw Jason, but he see through her lies and is not happy when she tells him about Franco.  I found their scene very well played.  I find they are better when they are fighting and less annoying than when they're supposed to be cute together.

Patrick's in the park with an adorable Emma when Leven show up and their cuteness seems to annoy Patrick.  He tells them Robin is staying in Africa longer than originally planned. 

Luke shows up at the Haunted Star to find that Tracy has commandeered control of the business and is kicking him out.

Alexis visits Sonny to tell him that she got nowhere with Kristina because she's raising a brat.  Alexis than shows up at Johnny's to persuade him to leave K alone.  Kristina arrives and informs her mother that she's still a brat.

Brook shows up at Johnny's to warn him off of Kristina.  She suddenly remembers that K was her sister for a brief period of time, although that revelation didn't strike her last week, or the week before or when she was standing outside of Lante's appartment in a towel, or when she was colluding with Carly, or...

Dante picks up Michael from CarJax' and both Carly and Jax appropriately thank Dante for all that he's done, although I'm sure Carly was choking on it. Dante takes Michael to his place, where Lulu welcomes him.  Sonny shows up because he's dumber than a box of rocks and refuses to listen to reason.