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Does he ever follow the rules? I think that’s the one thing that just irks me the most about Sonny Corinthos. Dante tells him that as part of Michael’s release, Judge Carroll wants Michael to stay clear of Sonny. So what does Sonny do? He shows up at Dante’s apartment to see Michael. Ok, I get it, he wants to see his son and welcome him home, but since GH has no regard for actual visiting hours at prison, Sonny has seen Michael plenty over these past few weeks. Too bad for Sonny that Michael seems actually appreciative of his big brother and agrees that Sonny is not the best of role models. Wait are my ears playing tricks on me?

From brothers to roommates… how will Dante and Michael adjust? And with Jason being released into Dante’s custody, where will everyone fit? Back to Michael, he’s still a little jumpy when it comes to quick movements and loud noises. Does Claire’s investigation into Franco get Jason released or is it Dante? How about both? When Claire shows up asking Michael questions about Carter to help out with her investigation into the crazy artist, Dante has a suggestion. Release Jason, Franco’s obsession, and maybe Franco will come to her.

Maxie got a photo… who else is getting mail from Franco? Josslyn! While Michael is home visiting, a photo arrives addressed to the baby.

Is Jason going to move in or is Dante just responsible for him? When Jax goes to Claire and Dante about Franco, Claire agrees to Dante’s plan to get Jason released as a way to bait the psycho artist. She has a warning for Detective Falconari though, if Morgan takes this as an opportunity to run, Dante’s butt will be the one behind bars.

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Steven suspends Patrick! He does not like Patrick’s attitude and benches his neurosurgeon. When Dr. Drake shows up to GH for work despite the suspension, Steven stands firm on his decision. Eventually, Steve ends Patrick’s suspension. Patrick and Lisa spend more time together. Are Patrick and Lisa getting it on? RUMORS say Steven is suspicious.

Kristina and Johnny… No one is happy about their “relationship.” I like this storyline despite Krissy’s carelessness yet again. Sonny and Alexis try to put restrictions on Kristina, Sam warns her sister that there will be some serious consequences if this relationship continues and Ethan warns that those consequences can be bad, really bad. Johnny attempts to break things off with Kristina again telling her it has to end. Remember, Johnny and Olivia are “reconnecting” soon with a roll in the sack. Sonny on the other hand tells Max and Milo that he wants Johnny six feet deep and he’ll be confiding in his oldest pal Luke that he has plans to kill Johnny.

The car bomb… its happening. Kristina is in the thick of it as Sonny is racing against the clock to save his daughter.

Shirley is dying… Steve and Epiphany tell Elizabeth. How will she take the news?

CRAZY and RANDOM… Jason wants a gun. Michael walks in on Lulu and Dante in the middle of sex. Sonny asks Jason to kill Johnny. Who is sending Maxie roses? RUMOR has it Sonny and Claire kiss. Are Maxie and Lucky locking lips? Franco visits all his favorite ladies. Dante and Lulu hit the showers. Who saves Kristina? I’m hearing it MAY be Johnny. Will Ethan level a threat to his employer? It looks like he tells Johnny that if he plans on retaliating against Sonny, he’s out. Will Patrick confide in Matt? Elizabeth goes into labor. Baby is kidnapped. Liz insists that the baby in her arms is not hers. Who's the homeless man hangong around PC?