All My Children Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Greenlee and Erica have to work together to save Fusion… Greens even tells the SEC agent that she honestly believes Erica had nothing to do with money stolen from the Miranda Foundation. Will Madison offer to step up and take the fall? Erica won’t let her and Ryan’s impressed, even plants one on Madison to show just how impressed he is. What will Greenlee do when Bianca tells her about David drugging her?

Bianca wants Greenlee to let David take the rap for the missing funds… What will Mrs. Hayward do? Better yet, what will Dr. Hayward do when he hears Bianca trying to convince his wife to sell him out? David wants to know if Erica really believes he tried to kill her. Jesse is on the hunt for the mechanic that he feels could lead them back to Hayward.

Caleb is a Cooney! At the reading of Palmer’s will, we learn that Erica’s mountain man is really Palmer’s nephew Caleb Cooney. Palmer names Erica and Caleb as partners of Cortdlandt Electronics. We’ll also learn that Palmer bought Wildwind, leaving David and Greenlee homeless. The newlyweds check into a hotel and take another roll in the sack. Palmer’s intentions are for Caleb to move into Wildwind and change his last name to Cortdlandt. Palmer left even more detailed instructions for Caleb and Erica to host a party at Wildwind as a way for Caleb to introduce himself to all of Pine Valley. Wouldn’t it have been easier if they just cast him as Dimitri?

Is the mountain man too close for Erica’s comfort? She tells Jack that she wants to be married as soon as possible. What’s the rush Ms. Kane?

Tad plans to adopt Damon. He assures his son that this time around, he’ll get the family he deserves. What about his almost tryst with Liza and those cell phone pics? Amanda sees them! Will she take Liza to task? The attorney gives her best argument as to why Amanda should not say anything to anyone. Liza has a question for Damon though, why does he want Tad to adopt him?

Colby is NYC bound? She gets an internship in New York but will she take it? After declaring her love to Damon and getting nothing in response, Colby is worried that there may be another woman. Will Tad accept the job when Colby asks him to look into it for her? Nope! Liza wants Damon to let Colby move to NYC and move on from him.

Tad decks Paul! When Paul shows up to drop off Damon’s stuff and essentially drop him out of his life, he has a few parting words for his former son. Tad steps up to Damon's defense and punches Paul out! Sorry Tad, Paul’s pressing charges and it’s down to the station you go.

Madison and Ryan… I wasn’t feeling them at first, I’m still not 100% on board, but really who else is there to pair Ryan with? Madison tells Ryan that she trusts he’s over Greenlee and when Ryan asks her to be his plus one on a business trip she says yes.

Oh Annie and JR… as much as I want these two together and as much as all this nonsense annoys me, I suppose they need the appropriate soap opera angst. I seriously cannot stand to look at Marissa any longer. Scott is not as annoying, but is still one of my least favorites. JR and Annie continue with their nonsense. Marissa continues to try to be her husband’s one and only. JR continues to try and be in love with his wife and actually want her.

Angie’s illness… Doctors really do make the worst patients. Angie self diagnoses herself with AVOR, Acute Viral Outer Retinopathy. She confides in Jake that she believes she has this virus and shows him the research she has found. Jake wants Angie to tell Jesse the truth, but she refuses saying she wants to see what a specialist has to say first. Jesse has no clue what is really going on, thinking that this all due to stress, aka David Hayward.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Damon is kissing Liza! Jesse is suspended! Angie is disoriented! Krystal and Caleb? Damon tells Colby to go to NYC without him. Will she go or turn down the internship? Jackson has some questions about Caleb. Can Erica answer them?