General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Was it just me or were there tons of different character interactions today? And the dialogue was spot on for the most part.

Patrick and Steven argue about the patient’s needs, Patrick loses his mind and punches his boss in the face. Steven immediately suspends him and Patrick heads over to Jake's to drown his sorrows in a bottle. Lisa follows him, tells him he’s behaving like his father and leaves. Patrick commiserates with Coleman and Luke shows up to complain about the state of his non-marriage. Then all three discuss the horrors of being with women. The con-man, the perpetual bachelor and the horny neurosurgeon. Now there’s a trio.

Funny line of the day:

Luke: “Tracy could take every dime I have. Well, most of them are hers anyway, but she could take them.”

Kristina tears a strip off of Alexis, for having the nerve to try and parent her. The minute Alexis decides to be a parent and threaten K with taking the car keys away, K turns it around on her. K also throws in a gem about how Alexis is to blame for K dating Keifer. At this point, my head exploded in a "what the heck" moment. Alexis continues to warn Johnny to stay away.

Brook figures Carly doesn’t need her services anymore, and she’ll go away quietly for 10 thousand. However, Carly wants Brook to continue with the plan to seduce Dante, because even though she’s grateful that Michael’s out of prison, a preexisting plan outweighs gratitude, at least in Carlyland.

Dante tries to get Sonny to see reason about visiting Michael, but Sonny doesn’t like playing by the rules, so pretty much everything out of Dante’s mouth is seen by Sonny as an insult.

Sonny: “I don’t care about the law”

And that’s why your son was in prison, you douche.

Lulu steps in and tries to get the boys to play nice. She tries to get Michael to be the intelligent one, since his father isn’t.

Lulu: “They both love you and I think you should listen to the one that got you out of prison, rather than the one that put you in.”

Lulu heads over to Carly’s to ask her to tell Sonny to stay away. Sonny and Dante continue to argue, because for some reason Sonny thinks if he stays away from his child, it means he doesn’t love him. Dante tries to explain to him that it’s the opposite.

Brook shows up at Johnny’s, soaking wet, with a dead car and makes cute with him. Clearly she’s no longer as interested in the Dante plan as Carly is.

Maxie runs into Lucky while waiting to meet Claire and she complains about the state of her relationship with Spinelli. Claire shows up and Maxie gives her the photo from Franco. Claire summons Ronnie to get more info.

Dante and Michael bond and each tries to have the other see their side of the Sonny issue. Meanwhile, Sonny finds Olivia on the pier and gets all whiny with her. Suddenly she’s stroking his cheek and I throw up in my mouth a little.