General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Claire pays Michael and Dante a visit, to apologize to Micheal for the whole prison thing and to ask him about Carter, since Carter's last words were about Franco.  Michael goes a little squirly at the mention of Carter.

Diane visits Jason to let him know that she's working on getting him released, but it's not looking that good.  Diane and Max meet up and get hot and heavy for each other.

While Epiphany is complaining to Lisa about Patrick's suspension messing up her schedule, a deluded Patrick shows up ready for work.  Steven shows up with a security guard to escort Patrick out, which seemed a little excessive to me.  Lisa chases Patrick out. I missed a part of their conversation, but I think she told him Steven was wrong for suspending him, because she then went back to the hospital to tell Steven he was right in suspending Patrick.  Watch out Patrick, she's going to boil your bunny next.

Lucky gets home to find Luke on his couch and I absolutely adore this part of the Lacey storyline.  There was so much funny going on in that scene.  Anthony Geary and Johnathan Jackson play well together and I find that Johnathan plays the straight man very well.  It reminded me of that scene between Lucky and Claire in the park where Lucky was looking at her like she was crazy.  Now he's looking at dear old dad the same way.

Maya summons Ethan to the Q mansion and she, Edward and Monica beg Ethan to deal with a pissed off Tracy, but Tracy's not interested in anything Ethan has to say in Luke's defense.  Ethan shows up at Lucky's to hang out with the other Spencer men, making for more funny scenes, because it felt like TG was ad libbing a lot of stuff that JJ was trying hard not to break scene and laugh at.

Nik visits Shirley, but when Liz shows up, she assumes that Nik is there to pressure her again. She tells him again to leave her alone and that she plans to invest her money to be independently wealthy.  Nik asks her to remember when they declared they loved each other.

Alexis tells Sam about Johnny and Kristina. Sam wants to beleive that Johnny wouldn't take advantage of a teenager and tells Alexis to pay Jason a visit.

Carly visits Jason and tells him that Michael is doing well, but that she still wants to get Dante.  He warns her about Franco.  The revolving prison door opens to let Alexis in to visit Jason, also.  She tells him the latest and even though he asks her why she isn't parenting Krissie a little better, she deflects him and asks if he can get through to Johnny.

Johnny runs into Kristina on the docks and tells her he's concerned about involving her, but she begs him to continue to help her out. Sam overhears part of the conversation and demands to know what's going on.

Michael comes by to visit Carly and play with the gorgeous Jocelyn, when Carly opens her mail and gets a Franco original.

Dante's at work (see, he works sometimes!) when Claire drops by to apologize for freaking out Michael with the Carter questions.  Both decide that they need Jason out of Pentonville to deal with the Franco problem.