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General Hospital Spoilers!

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Franco, Franco, Franco… I was not a fan of his first appearance, yes it was a HUGE casting for GH, but that’s about all it was in my humble opinion. The whole story reminded me of a really bad fireworks display. You go really excited for the great show, especially the grand finale, and then you leave feeling as if you would have been better served with a rented DVD and a tub of microwave popcorn at home. That was Franco’s first go around for me. Really excited and then looking desperately for a something else to watch while munching my popcorn. Hopefully this time around I won’t be as disappointed.

I know some of you disagree with me and like the crazy artist, so here’s what we know about what’s to come. We’ve already seen Franco’s insertion through the pics he’s sending and Carter’s dying words. I also already mentioned that Josslyn will be the next to get a photo from him. We dished about Claire and Dante and Jason’s release to bait the psycho, but what about the psycho himself? He’s having another art exhibit, one that has GH going on location. The exhibit, titled Francophrenia – a play on schizophrenia – is really just another elaborate production all for Jason Morgan. Will Franco get the reaction out of Jason he’s hoping for or will the mob enforcer with the nickname of Stone Cold give the psychopath the cold shoulder? Could Jason’s reaction or lack thereof cause Franco to pull out the big guns, literally?

Homeless man in disguise… Franco hits Port Chuck dressed up as a homeless man. Plenty of the PC residents see this drifter and wonder if it’s really Franco.

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Michael and what really happened in Pentonville storyline… remember Carter was one of Franco’s thugs. So wouldn’t he know what Carter did to Michael? Despite Michael now being free, Jason’s guilt is still eating him away that Michael even set foot in Pentonville leaving him open to any sort of attack. Will Franco use that to his advantage? Is Franco almost hoping that he can use that to bait Jason to kill him?

California, here we come… Franco has a few people Cali bound for his big show. Obviously Jason and it looks like Lulu and Dante as well. Is he making Cali look like Port Chuckles? Apparently Franco wants to get all this on film before the final showdown. His best art piece yet. Artists are worth more dead, right?

Nobody likes a cheater… so I wonder what all the Scrubs fans are thinking about Patrick right about now? What has him falling into bed with Lisa? Well alcohol for one and the pair celebrating after Shirley’s surgery. Patrick sees it for what it is; a mistake. Will Lisa? I’m hearing she gets a little crazy over Dr. Drake and their roll in the sack. Lisa feels that she and Patrick have a “connection.” I’ve heard that Patrick comes clean with Robin eventually, not able to live with the guilt. Will Robin be able to forgive and forget? I may have jumped the gun on Shirley’s death; it looks like she’s taking a turn for the worse, hence the surgery.

Carly’s revenge… She already told Brook that her plan is still very much on. Will she be even more determined when she sees that prison did not leave Michael unscathed?

CRAZY and RANDOM… Luke knows Sonny’s plan, is that why he sends Ethan out on an errand? Maxie might as well open a kissing booth. Lucky and Matt both seem to be standing in line. Liz will see the smooch between Lucky and Maxie. Kristina is in the explosion, but saved by Johnny. Franco sends Maxie sixty roses and then later brings six to her himself. What’s with the number 66? Carly and Jax start to play games. Michael overhears Sonny’s admission of guilt regarding the car bomb. Spixie calls it quits. Sam pulls a gun on Franco. Lulu comes face to face with the artist. Brooklyn and Granny Tracy will be in a scene together. Robin's apology to Patrick for how she was acting before she left for Africa increases his guilt. Steven lifts Patrick's suspension specifically for Shirley's surgery.