General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Today was one of those days that felt a little disjointed. The first half of the episode was follow up from yesterday’s scenes and the second half seemed almost like it should have been a completely different day. Not that that’s a bad thing.

Claire and Dante continue to discuss the Franco/Jason situation. Carly calls Jax over to show him the picture from Franco. He calls over Claire and Dante to bring them up to speed, and then hires bodyguards for the family.

Alexis and Jason continue to discuss Kristina/Johnny situation. Alexis also thanks Jason for his sacrifice in going to prison, but reminds him that Sam sacrificed as well.

Sam questions what Johnny and Kristina are doing together. Sam raises some valid points that Kristina refuses to see.

Kristina: "It’s my choice."

Sam: “Has it ever occurred to you that your choice might just get Johnny killed?

Sonny arrives, is angry to see Johnny and Kristina together and orders K to leave with him, but she back talks him. Sam tells her to mind her father, so Kristina leaves with Sonny. Sam warns Johnny to back off.

Sonny and Kristina argue and the argument gets pretty heated. It looked like Sonny was going to hit her and she tells him to. Alexis arrives, Kristina storms off and Alexis tells Sonny to try a different tactic.

The Spencer boys continue to bring the funny with their discussion of all things Tracy. Luke summons Maya to ask her for the new security code so he can talk to Tracy. Once he leaves, Maya discusses Luke’s living arrangements and asks why he can’t stay with Ethan, but Lucky covers for Ethan and Maya leaves.

Luke goes to Tracy to beg her to take him back, but she has him arrested. Lucky shows up at work to find Luke there and I get my funny line of the day:

Luke: “Son, let me give you a piece of advice. Never tell a woman you love that you’re married when you’re not.”

Lucky: “Thanks dad. That’ll come in handy some day.”

Johnny visits Jason and Jason tries to impress on him that Kristina is a troubled teen and that Johnny needs to be the one to stop the nonsense.

Jason calls Sam, who happens to be in the bathtub at the time and they get hot and heavy over the phone. He thanks her for her sacrifice in accepting why he went to prison and she’s fine with that, so long as they go somewhere nice when he comes out.

Claire tells Dante that her superiors are fine with Jason being released into his custody, but if Jason bails, Dante will be sent to prison for aiding and abetting. That apartment is going to be one mighty tight fit.