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Valerie Bertinelli Films Talker Pilot in Running for ATWT Slot

Broadcasting & Cable is reporting funny lady Valerie Bertinelli has taped a pilot for Say It Now, yet another talk show in contention for the timeslot As The World Turns will cede this September. The show is being developed by CBS Television Distribution, however it is not slated for syndication.  All I know is, this talk show better not conflict with my new, favorite sitcom, Hot in Cleveland, which Bertinelli stars in opposite Betty White on TV Land, or me and Les Moonves are gonna have to have a talk out on the veranda!

Australian talk show host Rove McManus will also appear on Say It Now. Okay...Say WHAT Now? That has to be the crappiest name for a talk show I've ever heard. Why not Val and Rove? Anyhoo, Say It Ain't So Say My Name Say It Now finds itself in stiff competition for World Turns' slot with remakes of the game shows Pyramid and Password and the previously-reported View-ripoff featuring Julie Chen and Darlene from Roseanne


While I would much rather see a cheap, independent, possibly-syndicated soap opera like Hacienda Heights, The Bay or Gotham (I know, pipe dreams) be in contention for the slot, or heck even a reality series, I hope one of the talk shows wins out over the crappy gameshow remakes. Either way, CBS Daytime will never be the same again come September.

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