General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Jason wants a gun… Dante doesn’t want to go to prison. With a psycho artist/serial killer on the loose what’s hitman to do? Dante reminds Jason that he’s only the bait. How are they baiting Franco? With a press conference to announce Jason’s release.

Both Maxie and Dante see the homeless man hanging around… Dante chases him and when he catches him, it’s not Franco. Maxie spies him when she goes to see Jason and Spinelli at the Penthouse. Later, Franco reveals himself to Maxie at Crimson.

Spinelli finds Franco’s mom… in Woodstock. When Jason and Dante go to see her, she says she doesn’t have a son. Franco and his mom discuss his “masterpiece.”

The car bomb… Clink Boom anyone? Luke and Sonny discuss the mob man’s plan and Luke recalls how Lily died in that car bombing. Hoping to save Ethan, Luke tries to get his son to take a trip to Monte Carlo. Ethan turns him down opting for a meeting with Johnny. Luke later gets Ethan to agree to run some errands for him getting him out of the bomb’s way.

Sonny’s Alibi… his kids. Sonny has Alexis set up a dinner with Kristina and Michael. Sorry Sonny, Kristina isn’t staying as she slips away to meet up with Johnny. Earlier, Kristina confides in Molly that she has plans to be with Johnny that evening. Olivia tells Sonny that Kristina and Johnny’s relationship is a fake, solely meant to get under his skin. Realizing that Kristina gave them the slip and that she is with Johnny, Sonny races against the clock to save his daughter. Krissy and Johnny meet up and Kristina finally agrees to give the plan a rest. Johnny offers to give her a ride home and as he unlocks his car…BOOM!

Shirley’s cancer has spread to her brain… and she needs surgery. Patrick’s suspension is lifted to perform it. Before this, Lisa and Patty boy share a smooch that Dr. Drake puts a stop to. Lisa doesn’t take that well and kicks her colleague out of her apartment. Despite some challenges in the operating room, Patrick is able to remove the tumor. The Dr’s decide to celebrate at the Metro Court bar and it looks like one drink leads to another which leads to a trip down memory lane and that leads them to bed.

Luke packs a bag… Its vacation time for Tony Geary. Hoping his leaving will catch Tracy’s attention, Luke gets ready to head out of Port Chuckles. The Spencer kids throw a bon voyage party for their pops and I’m thinking Tracy is going to miss the $10 million Luke managed to steal before he left more than she’s going to miss her not-husband.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Spinelli and Sam have different “welcome home” plans for Jason. Maxie tells Lucky that she’s scared of Franco. Olivia calls out Kristina and Johnny telling Johnny that he’s more in love with his revenge on Sonny than he is with her. Maya goes to break things off with Ethan. When were they together? Elizabeth starts to feel bad for how she’s been treating Nikolas. Robin comes home. Maxie has trouble letting go of Matt and remember, she's also planting a kiss on Lucky.