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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny tells Max and Milo to be creative in their plan to kill Johnny, but to make sure that it be connected to him. Max apparently is the only one in the room with a working brain, and points out that Anthony will retaliate. That makes far too much sense for an idiot like Sonny, so instead of listening to what Max is telling him, Sonny demands blind loyalty from his goons and Max is forced to go along with a plan that he’s clearly not happy with.

Claire tells Dante the terms of Jason’s release, but Dante does not want the responsibility of Jason. Dante goes home, starts to make out with Lulu, but gets interrupted by Micheal. Dante explains to Micheal the conditions of Jason’s release and asks his advice. Michael admits that there is a possibility that Jason would run as soon as Franco is caught, leaving Dante holding the bag.

Jason and Sam continue to discuss plans to travel when he’s released. Sonny pays Jason a visit to tell him his plan to kill Johnny and asks Jason to take care of Anthony. Jason tells him AZ is hard to reach and recommends that Sonny leave Johnny alone, but Sonny’s not paying attention.

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Johnny tells Kristina that he understands her, since his father was similar to hers. However, he tells her she’s beginning to sound like Claudia, not listening to reason. Ethan arrives and takes Kristina away and tries to understand her motivations. Kristina tells him that she feels powerless, but when she’s messing with Sonny, she doesn’t. Ethan asks her how her power will feel if someone, namely Johnny, ends up dead.

Jax thanks Carly for coming to him in her time of need but asks if she still hates him. She tells him she didn’t like his methods and may still be angry with him, but doesn’t hate him. They make cute before Jax leaves.

Brooke runs into Olivia, watching Johnny’s penthouse and tells Brooke all about Johnny and her love for him. Olivia goes to Johnny’s and jumps his bones to remind him what it’s like. Kristina walks in and sees them. Does Kristina have a key or is Johnny like everyone else who doesn’t lock their doors?

Brooke goes to Dante’s, and finds Micheal They reminisce and she notices that he doesn’t look happy. He tells her he’s feeling guilty about Jason still being in prison and how he can’t visit his dad. She sort of pushes him to make nice with Dante and try to help his brother and Sonny to get closer. Lulu overhears and doesn’t look happy.

Sonny goes to Luke to tell him that Johnny’s being taken out and to make sure Ethan is not around when it happens.

After much thought, Dante decides he’ll take custody of Jason, goes to Claire to tell her, than goes to the jail to tell Jason. I don’t know why, but the idea of Jason and Dante forced to live together makes me laugh.