Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!


Shane/Kimberly: The two hash out their differences.

Vivian: She and Jennifer get into an argument.

Stefano/Nicole: The Phoenix needles his former daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Nicole discusses her distress with Dr. Baker.

Kate: She lets Madeline know she will keep mum on her secret for the time being.

Sami: She has a talk with Caroline.

Will/Gabi: The two have a close moment.

Rafe/Sami/EJ: Rafe meets up with Sami and explains he was hunting Anna down for the past few months. Sami is moved when she finds out how far Rafe went to bring her little girl's kidnapper to justice. She then lets Rafe know that she and the kids are staying at the DiMera mansion. Rafe is not happy to hear this and he and Sami quarrel about it. During their spat, Rafe kisses Sami right when EJ walks in, to Sami's mortification. Meanwhile, Stefano comes in and Rafe tells everyone about Anna and leaves with Sami in hot pursuit.

She wants to kow what the kiss was all about and Rafe informs her it was a farewell one. Once Rafe leaves, Sami heads inside the house with EJ demanding to know why she ran after him. Sami gets touchy over his inquiries and tells him to to butt out of her affairs. EJ lets her know her business matters to him and declares his love for her! A stunned Sami tells EJ they are just friends and share children only. EJ doesn't buy what she's telling him and is firm she will finally admit she loves him also.

Hope: She chastises Ciara for the stories she tells.

Philip/Melanie: Mrs. Kiriakis talks to her husband about his son. Later, Melanie asks Philip if he wants to have another child.

Stephanie: She tells her mother she thinks something's not right with Philip. Kayla has a showdown with him.

Carly: She tells Chloe she won't keep quiet about her affair.

Rafe: He want Ari to give EJ the heave ho.