Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!


Jill: She makes a stunning declaration which puts a damper on Katherine's July 4 celebration.

Abby: The naked heiress wonders if Tucker and Ashley have a thing going on. Meanwhile Abby comes up with another scheme to be the center of everyone's universe.

Patty: She makes a startling admission. Later, Patty's life is in jeopardy.

Victor/Sharon/Adam: The two grab Adam and drag him back to Genoa City. Victor lets Adam know he is going straight to Nick's trial to confess to framing him for Richard Hightower's murder. In Genoa City Nick is called to the stand where Owen rips into him causing Nick to blow his stack. Things look bleak for the Newman heir when Victor marches in with Adam in tow, shocking all. Adam is brought to the witness stand where he stuns everyone.

Skye: She plans her next step.

Phyllis: Big red's testimony devastates Nick.

Adam: The Newman black sheep is back to his dirty tricks again.

Sharon: She implores Nick to open his eyes.

Emily: Dr. P reunites with her brother Jamie.

Kay: The grand dame warns Jill.