General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Kristina walks into Johnny's place as though she owns it and proceeds to dump all over Olivia, convincing Johnny that Olivia is sleeping with him to save Sonny.  Kristina and Olivia go a couple of rounds, until K finally leaves.  Johnny questions Olivia's motives and, while she admits that she shouldn't have accused him of sleeping with K, she says she isn't with him because of Sonny.  He tells her that he will always be third in her heart, behind Dante and Sonny, a position he doens't want to be in.  Olivia leaves.

Luke reminds Sonny about the car bomb that killed Lily and how that's not a good plan, but Sonny's not interested in anything that make sense. He just reminds Luke to make sure Ethan's not around when the bomb is scheduled to go off.

Lulu is not happy that Brook is telling Michael to get Dante to bond with Sonny, because of the whole shooting thing.  The two go at it, with Lulu hating on Sonny and Brook claiming he's a good man.  Brook leaves and Lulu apologizes to Michael for putting him in the middle of her hate for Sonny.

Jason tells Dante that he needs a gun to go after Franco, but Dante refuses.  Jason summons Claire and tells her he needs a gun for protection or the deal is off.

Patrick hurts his hand and Steven takes care of it.  Patrick heads over to Jake's. Lisa follows him and they play pool, until Patrick insults her and Lisa storms out.  He follows her to her place and they come onto each other pretty heavy. Then they start to kiss, my Scrubs loving heart breaks into a million pieces and I now hate all things Patrick. 

Dante goes home and tells Michael and Lulu about the deal to get Jason out of prison and the possibility of Jason letting Dante twist in the wind.  Lulu gets angry at Dante's shortsightedness and storms out.

Lulu heads over to Sonny's to ask him to talk to Jason and tell him not to run.  In exchange, Sonny asks her to stop bad mouthing him to his kids.  Lulu runs into Olivia, who tells her that Dante is a stubborn man and that Lulu should pick her fights when it comes to him.

Brook shows up at Jake's, asking Coleman about Johnny.  Johnny shows up and Brook sets her sights on him.

Michael's upset when Dante tells him that Jason won't have a gun to protect himself against Franco.  Sonny goes to Pentonville and asks Jason not to screw Dante, but Jason's ready to do just that, if and when the opportunity presents himself.  Sonny asks him what would happen to Michael if Dante goes to prison.