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LIVE BLOGGING: The 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

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Hey Y'all and Welcome to Mel's Live Blogging of the 2010 Daytime Emmy Awards. Normally, I'd be blogging about the pre-show but there's isn't a televised pre-show this year. Ain't that some stuff. Anyways, we should be starting in a bit here, so sit tight.


Drop me a line in the comments about your predictions and the such. It should be an interesting night!

And AWAYYYY we go! Nice Las Vegas montage to start!

Ok. I take back a little bit of what I said. I could have really gone without saying everybody and their MOM's name at the begginning. Let's get on with the show.

David Copperfield is opening the show. Classic Las Vegas start. I see they couldn't help themselves. LOL!

Lawd in the Mawnin! I feel like I'm watching one of those secrets of Magic shows they used to show on TV a long time ago. I admit to watching them.

Regis is on the stage saying a few words about David Copperfield.

I feel like I took an Ambien watching this intro.....

La Lucci looking FAB-U-LOUS. I know Regis DID NOT just try to call La Lucci fat. You DO NOT mess with La Lucci. Somebody get him off the stage...NOW! 

Oh No. Now Regis is talking about Ron Moss taking his shirt off. Please Ron, for all that is Holy, keep your shirt on!

Now we're going to a video message of David Letterman who has NOTHING to do with Daytime. Now we're doing a Late Show Top 10 for Regis. This is all just a shameless plug to promote CBS shows that DON'T come on in Daytime. This just beats all I've seen and heard and we're only 7 minutes in. Jesus Take The Wheel.

FINALLY we're presenting an award. I'm pretty sure I feel asleep at least 3 times during that opening.

Kelly Monaco and Johnathan Jackson looking fantastic. Loving Kelly's ponytail.

Outstanding Supporting Actress Coming Up.

Boy these nominations are flying by.

The Emmy goes to...


Congrats!! So excited for this one! Julie looks great. I love that color on her. LMFAO at the announcer calling her character "Juicy" Janet Ciccone! Great Speech Julie!

Does Beth Chamberlin look AH-MAY-ZING or what?!?!

Ryan Seacrest is up here saying something about Dick Clark and American Bandstand. Montage.

Dick Clark is looking better and better after his stroke!

Normally I would complain about a musical act that has NOTHING to do with daytime on our awards but I really like The Spinners! They still got it for how long they've been in the business!

Question: Did American Bandstand come on in the daytime?? Forgive me, it was long gone by the time I was born.

Ok, now I can complain about these musical groups. I thought this was supposed to be about Dick Clark. Sweet Mercy.

Oh COME ON!! Donnie and Marie. If they bust out in "I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock and roll", I'm turning the channel. Oh wait....No Donnie. Just Marie! I'm not sure how I feel about Marie's dress. but I like her hair. Why is the rest of her face not moving while she's singing?? Ohhhh Botox. But she's still beautiful!

Tony Orlando....I'm sitting here with my mouth open....I just....I'm verklempt.

Looks like Cher's back to being blonde again. That woman never chages I swear.

This tribute is going on WAY too long. Just think if we could have had this long tribute for Guiding Light last year. Yeah, I'm still bitter!

"Ohhhhh Mandy!"....let me STOP with this Barry Manilow. Oh my Stars, this has to stop.

Awww Ryan...I love Dick Clark too. I hope he can go back to doing the New Year's Eve show this year! He's talking better. So glad to see Dick getting better.

Rachel Ray talking about The Lion King. Once again...I'm STILL searching for a Daytime Theme. I'm starting to see how they managed to get this ceremony in Vegas. Not gonna lie though, The Lion King is one of my all time Favortie movies. "It's the Circle of Liiiiiifffeeee". I love that movie.

Ok....Now we're going to

Outstanding Supporting Actor

I think I just got whiplash from watching these Nominees.

The Emmy Goes To...


WOOOOOOO!!! I'm so excited! So far So Good on the winners! Honestly, if Billy Miller didn't win, I was going to riot! Good speech from Billy! He is SO FINE!

CBS is 2 for 2 in acting awards tonight!

The peope from The Doctors are presenting

Outstanding Game Show

The Emmy Goes To...

Cash Cab

I have to admit that I watch this show. It's a good one.

Another commercial. Looks like the tribute to As The World Turns will be soon. I'm willing to bet money it won't last nearly as long as Dick Clark's tribute...

Why in the name of the SOAP GODS did I just have to watch Regis speak to Alex Trebek and then go to commercial. I just have to shake my head in disappointment at these Emmys so far.

Another MINDLESS Las Vegas plug intro to a Daytime Category.

Outstanding Informative Talk Show

The Emmy Goes To...

The Doctors

Well somewhere my mother is happy!

I checked Twitter a little bit ago and it appears even the soap stars aren't happy with these Emmys. I understand y'all.

Cameron Mathison and Luke's Girl Rebecca Budig are coming present

Oustanding Younger Actor.

Rebecca looks like she's going to the mall rather than the Emmys.

The Emmy Goes To...


Ummmm.....Congrats........I'm verklempt once again.

LOL @ Regis trying to say Kelly Menighan Hensley. It's one can say it right! LOL!

It kind of upsets me that Maura West and Michael Park aren't presenting ATWT's tribute. Or at least Kathryn Hayes and Don Hastings....But Kelly and Jon work too

ATWT Tribute! At least the music is better...

OH SNAP!!! That was shorter than GL's! Not enough old clips! No other words about ATWT. MAJOR EPIC FAIL ON THE ATWT TRIBUTE EMMYS!!!

Dear Daytime Emmys, If you're NOT going to give these daytime drama's the respect they deserve in these tributes then DON'T HAVE THEM!!!


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Absolutely ABSURD!

Outstanding Talk Show...

The Emmy Goes To...

Ellen Degeneres

Some babies from Nickelodeon presenting

Outstanding Younger Actress

Why are these babies on here?? Where are y'alls Momma??

The Emmy Goes To...


Damn! Julie just did a 2 peat! I know she didn't just say that to those babies. How old are they?? I got one word for ya Julie, "Snatchitory"....I'ma let y'all think about that one!

ANOTHER COMMERCIAL!!! Ahhhhh. I just wanna throw something.

"It's Wayne Brady Bitch!" Sorry, Dave Chappelle has ruined my life. LOL!

He's presenting Outstanding Directing Team

They should have just called these awards "A tribute to Las Vegas...with some Daytime Stuff On the Side".

I love Cirque Du Solei as much as the next person but they are IRRELEVANT to the Emmys. Jesus Be A Fence.

The Emmy Goes To...


Why do I need to know about the hotel? Who is the Laura woman?!?! WHY ARE Y'ALL SHOWING ME THIS?!?!? I don't give a GOOD KITTY about this hotel!!

These Emmys are driving me to drink!

Always nice to see Montel.

Kelly Monaco...again and Ron Moss are talking about starving children in Africa.

Infomercial for Feed The Children or help the less fortunate! I can't say anything bad about the starving children. I think we should help those who are less fortunate. I don't want to sound mean or heartless at all but what place does this have on The Daytime Emmys? I thought we were supposed to be Oh Hell, I don't know, celebrating the industry.

It was a good montage though! Daytime Gives Back. Montel almost got me when he choked up.

DAYUM Susan Lucci looks GOOD!!! This woman is like a fine wine, she gets better with age. Naturally, she's presenting the AMC/Agnes Nixon Tribute.

And we go into the tribute. GREAT OPENING with La Lucci. I like how they have the stars/producers talking about Agnes and her contribution to Daytime.

LAWD HAMMERCY!!! It's Ellen Wheeler! Sorry y'all I couldn't help myself.

Now why couldn't we have something like this with the starts speaking for GL and ATWT!

DAMN THAT'S IT for Agnes!! We wouldn't even be having these awards if it wasn't for her and the many other Soap Gods!

These Emmys are A DAMN SHAME!! Yeah, I said it and we have 30 minutes left.

Agnes looks like she's gonna choke up. If she cries, I'm gonna lose it y'all. Good speech from Agnes. I love our "Real World Of Make Believe" as well.

Zac Conroy and Kim Matula are presenting Outstanding Game Show Host

I could just sop that Zac Conroy up with a biscuit and eat him. Heaven Help Me.

The Emmy Goes To...

Ben Bailey of Cash Cab

Ben Bailey looks like a deer in headlights. Calm down honey! It's ok.

Peter Reckell and Louise Sorel present the award for Outstanding Writing Team

Nice mention of Buried Alive. When Peter interrupted Louise, she looked like she could have cut him! LOL!

The Emmy Goes To...


Awwwww Nawwwwww!!! Writing...Bold and The Beautiful. I need a double on my drink!

Jeff Foxworthy is presenting Outstanding Talk Show Host

His "You Might Be A Redneck If" jokes are MUCH funnier!

The Emmy Goes To...

The Doctor Oz Show

And he's not even here....

Look it's Kate Linder! She is EVERYWHERE!!

Vanessa Marcil is presenting the award for Outstanding Lead Actor

Question...when did she get married?!? Anyone?? Anyone??

The Emmy Goes To....


Nice to see ATWT get an acting award for the night!!! But I would have LOVED to see Doug Davidson get it. I'm not gonna lie. Michael is defintely a solid actor. Michael, don't put you and your wife's business out in the street like that! Mercy! Congrats to you!

Micheal Easton and Trevor St. John present Outstanding Lead Actress

Those two are so damn HOT! Thank Ya Jesus!

The Emmy Goes To...


I literally screamed when they said her name! WOOOOOOO MAURA!!! Awwww bring your baby up there Maura. Oh the baby is crying too. I'm about to break down. Mercy that baby looks like Maura! Congrats to you and ATWT!!!

All you Emmy buffs, I have a question. Is this the first time a super couple has won BOTH Lead Actor and Actress at the same Emmys???

Another Susan Lucci dress change. She’s look Fantabulous as usual!

She and Regis are presenting Outstanding Drama Series

Well, that is how the nominees are SUPPOSED to be presented!

The Emmy Goes to…


For the second year in a row…..I just…I…No…Just No! SMDH!

Well folks, that’s it from me. I hope you have enjoyed my Live Blogging for the night, because I sure as hell didn’t enjoy the Emmys.

Drop me a line in the comments about your post Emmy feelings!

Catch y’all on the flip side!

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