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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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We had a smorgasbord of characters and storylines today. I think I counted 21 different characters, and some overflowed into various stories.

Patrick remembers that he’s married and stops the kissing. But then he puts the blame on Lisa’s shoulders, claiming that she’s trying to make him jealous with Steven. Lisa smartly points out that Patrick doesn’t want her, but he doesn’t want anyone else to have her, either.

Olivia continues to tell Lulu to stand by her man. However, Lulu feels she can’t support Dante’s decision to be responsible for Jason, since she knows how much Jason hates Dante and wants nothing more than revenge against him.

Michael and Dante discuss Sonny and Dante apologizes for letting his arrogance send Michael to prison. Michael really just wants it all put behind him.

Lucky goes to see Sonny and asks him to abide by the judge’s rule to stay away from Michael. Sonny’s not interested in giving up Michael, even for a short period of time.

Steven tells Liz that Shirley has suffered a setback. Liz sees Shirley, who tells her that the cancer is now in her brain.

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Coleman and Kate make cute at Jake’s. Patrick, and then Steven, show up, followed by Olivia, who begins to flirt with the men, much to Kate’s annoyance. Kate calls out her cousin for being the cradle robbing cougar that she is, while Brook looks on in enjoyment.

Line of the day:

Kate to Olivia: “Why don’t you take your boobs and your trashy, too young for you top, out of my man’s face?”

Luke asks Ethan to go to Monte Carlo with him, for a con, in hopes of getting Ethan out of town, but Ethan’s not interested.

Looks like Lucky has pulled Maxie duty. She is apparently worried for her safety because of the whole Franco thing and needs someone to take her around town.

Maya shows up at the penthouse and makes nice with Ethan, until Johnny shows up and warns her off. She tells Ethan that she knows the place isn’t his and leaves. Ethan and Johnny discuss whatever meeting they will be having on Friday night.

Lulu returns to apologize to Dante. Michael leaves to give them privacy, which they take advantage of. Michael meets Kristina and she goes ballistic about the evil Sonny, but Michael doesn’t understand her anger. She tells him she plans to pretend to sleep with Johnny on Friday night.

Sonny meets with Alexis to plan a family dinner to get Kristina back on his side. In reality, he’s just planning his alibi for Friday night.

Luke tells Lucky that Sonny is planning on taking out Johnny and that he’s worried Ethan will get caught in the middle. As a police officer, shouldn’t Lucky use that knowledge to his advantage?