One Life to Live Spoilers


A kidnapping, an arrest, and a kiss turn things upside down in Llanview this week. I hope everyone is ready for some juicy spoilers for the week of June 28th.

James breaks down and arranges to meet with Bull to exchange the car as payment for his $50,000 debt. On the way to meet with Bull, James and Starr wreck the car. After surviving the wreck, James and Starr freak out because they know they can't give Bull the car in this condition. Unsure of what to do, the two end up going to the barn to meet Bull while trying to think of something to do. While they are waiting on Bull, James gives Starr a toe curling kiss. Bull arrives and James fesses up that he doesn't have the money. Will James and Starr make it out okay?


Rex/Kelly: Kelly is on a mission to find out who Bennett Thompson is and exactly what he has to do with her mother. She enlists Rex's help in an effort to better her chances of discovering who this mystery man is. Will Kelly ever get to the bottom of her mother's murder?

Dorian/Ford/Langston: Dorian feels the need to help Langston with her Ford problem. She decides to have an intimate talk with the young girl to try and get to the bottom of the situation. As a result of the conversation, Langston decides to have a chat with Ford. Langston and Ford end up having it out in a nasty phone call.

Speaking of Ford, he finally comes face to face with his attacker. He also receives another strange phone call. Ford tells the person on the other end that he followed directions and pointed the police in the direction of Hannah. Who is Ford's mystery caller?

Hannah/Cole: The police come to bust Hannah, but she lies to Cole, telling him they want him for jumping his bail. Cole thinks about giving himself up, but Hannah has a better idea. They hightail it out of there while Cole wonders if he should stop looking for Starr. While on the run, Cole bumps into Cristian at a motel. Cris and Layla are on their way to Silver Spring. Cole quickly ends the conversation and goes back on the run.

With John and company hot on their trail, Hannah decides to get noble with Cole and confesses all her lies. She tells Cole she lied to him about seeing Todd push Marty down the stairs, the police looking for him, and about James and Starr being romantically involved. Before Cole can react to Hannah's lies, John shows up and arrests Hannah on suspicion of her being Ford's attacker. Cole tells John about Hannah's lies and things don't look good for Hannah. As she is being taken away, she swears she isn't behind what happened to Ford or Marty. Is Hannah telling the truth about Ford and Marty's accidents?

John/Natalie: Natalie aces her forensic technician's test and immediately begins to work for John. John puts her to work and asks her to examine the threads he found in the stairwell where Marty had her accident. They also try to prove that Hannah and Cole are on the run. Will John and Natalie figure out who pushed Marty?

Matthew/David/Bo/Nora: Matthew starts to feel guilty about ratting Nate out to Bull and wants to tell Dani. He tries to tell her, but she has better things to do. An upset Matthew goes home to sulk, only to find a seriously hung over David with a lady of the night. The hooker goes to the bathroom as Matthew and David have a discussion. As the two are about to decide what to do, Bo and Nora call saying they are at the airport. David and Matthew quickly clean the place up and go get Bo and Nora. When Bo and Nora arrive home, they are shocked to see everything in its place. They commend Matthew and David for acting like responsible adults while they were gone. However, when the hooker comes out of the bathroom, Matthew and David know they are busted. Will Matthew and David tell the truth about their escapades?

Jessica/Brody/Bree: Bree lets it be known that she wants Brody to be her father in front of both Jessica and Brody. The two come up with an answer that satisfies Bree and she leaves the room. After, Jessica tells the truth about her prom night encounter with Ford. How will Brody react to the news? Will he tell her about Natalie?

Todd/Tea/Dani/Nate: Bull is after Nate now that he knows the young teen stole his money. Bull captures Nate and orders Dani to find the money. Dani tells Bull what happened to the money. He demands that she retrieve the check, or else. Dani runs off and Bull takes Nate to the cabana. At the end of her rope, Dani goes to Todd for help. She confesses the whole fiasco to Todd. Todd decides to help his daughter and Nate. Bull calls Todd and informs him the price on Nate's head is now $500,000. Todd is not happy about this at all, but knows he must help his daughter. He gets the money and heads to the cabana to confront Bull. However, Todd is sidetracked when he bumps into Blair. He manages to get rid of Blair and finally reaches the cabana.

With the money and gun in tote, Todd knocks on the cabana door. As he is about to go inside, Kelly stops him with a few questions. She demands to know why he kissed her. Todd gives Kelly a piece of his mind and gets her to scram. When she finally leaves, Todd charges into the cabana only to find it empty. An angry Todd storms out of the place but receives another phone call from Bull. This time, Bull tells Todd to meet him at an abandoned barn if he wants to get Nate back. Dani begs her father to let her come with him to the barn but he refuses. He tells Dani to stay with Tea. However, unbeknownst to Todd, Dani stows away in his SUV. Todd goes to the barn and finds Starr. Todd is relieved to see Starr, but knows he has to get her out of there and give Bull the money. Will Todd be able to help Dani and Starr?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (July 5th):

  • Todd is forced to choose between Dani and Starr
  • James ends up in the hospital
  • Starr and Cole are reunited
  • Eli threatens Hannah
  • David gets Matthew to keep quiet
  • Tea tells Dani about her illness