Obsessions, Paparazzi and This Guy Getting a Cap Busted on Him on This Week's Empire

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I'm a little ticked the crazy heffa who is keeping the other heffa locked in a Secret Room wasn't on this episode of Empire, but there's still plenty of drama to sop up like a biscuit laced with hallucinogens!  Like webivision's answer to Dina Lohan,  Colleen Lively (Guiding Light's Orlagh Cassidy) pushing her celeb-u-not daughter to keep showing out so they can keep making headlines and the scheming, gay teen trying to seduce Cane Haven's (Ryan Clardy) boyfriend Alex (My Big Gay Italian Wedding's Fabio Taliercio).


Empire— hot, campy mess that it is—is starting to become my shiz. While I do wish the lines of the less-experienced actors were recited in a bit less of a robotic tone, the storylines are the perfect mix of character-driven relationship drama and over-the-top antics—just like I like it.  I wish this web soap came on five-days-a-week!