Ready For Some Red-Hot, Red Carpet Blind Items?!

Don't cry for one ex-P&G princess. The beauty-in-question told me she is up for a contract role on Gossip Girl when we talked on the red carpet at the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. The actress, who has many peeps speculating online about her possibly turning up on a West Coast sudser (I hear that's false by-the-by), said her chances of landing the gig on the CW hit looked "really, really good", however she didn't want me to spill just yet because she's superstitious. Good thing my blind items only bring good luck! ;-)


One soap superstar voiced her frustration about how her character's love triangle is being written on a West Coast sudser. She feels her character never got the chance at a real love story with the object of her affection. We totally agree!

While any soap viewer worth their bon bons has no doubt already figured this out, a certain maniacal, sudser patriarch is about to learn he's a father—for the 12th time!

Look for one character, who has been redeemed in recent years, to go back to her scheming, sexing ways very soon.

One popular soap couple may currently be torn asunder, with one half generating tons of heat with another on their serial, but the endgame is still the original pairing. Bummer.

Which crazy, sexy, cool real-life couple jokingly talked about donning nothing but paper bags for their next red-hot photo spread together?

One blonde, suddenly soapless looker would love to play a long-lost sister to Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) on The Bold and the Beautiful. Good thing she just relocated to the West Coast!

The mom of one fired West Coast star had her kid's back on the red carpet. "His firing made no sense whatsoever, but it's okay, he will work again." Mama Mystery, if casting directors have the sense God gave a gambler betting on Brad Bell last Sunday night, your uber-talented kiddo will be snapped up in no time!

Many wondered if a certain show runner "encouraged" stars to talk about how wonderful he or she was on the red carpet. One veteran actress mentioned how groovy her boss was so many times over the weekend, I wondered if the soap slayer had the poor thesp wearing a wire.

Which hot, young soap stud was seen running through the Las Vegas Hilton lobby holding his junk because he needed to pee, while his real-life galpal followed along laughing hysterically?

People were raving about how positively striking one recent returnee to a West Coast sudser looked on the red carpet and wondered why the soap has her looking so frumpy on the air.

Two talented-yet-oft-backburnered stars, who are currently sharing screentime, actually went to the brass and asked to work together. See, sometimes actors speaking up does work!