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FIYA-Hot, New Black Web Soap, The Proud & The Privileged Debuts First Six Eppys!!!

Check this out. A new web soap being billed "the first African-American anytime soap" recently made its debut. The series is called The Proud and The Privileged and comes from creator Lisa Caillouet. The Proud and The Privileged is set in the affluent enclave of Jaxson Heights, a suburb of Chicago, and revolves around the bedroom and boardroom antics of a group of upwardly-mobile black folks. Here's what Caillouet had to say about her passion project to Black


"People love it because it doesn't cast African Americans in the usual stereotypical ways," says Lisa Caillouet, the show's creator, "Our characters represent African Americans from all walks of life; they're three-dimensional, they're rich and they're not-so-rich, they're smart, they're funny, they're all the things that make me proud to be Black." Creating a Black soap opera has long been a dream of Lisa's.

The Proud and the Privleged has already posted six webisodes on Stories Our Way.TV and on You Tube, which have been well received by the online world, according to the article. I just watched the episodes and I am already down for whatever! Check out the first six eppys of The Proud and the Privileged after the jump.

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