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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Diane stumbles across a weird homeless man and makes small talk with him, not realizing that it's Franco.  Jason gets released into Dante's custody and brought to the PCPD. Claire, who apparently hasn't washed her hair in a week, is holding a press conference to explain Jason's release.  Diane's angling for a "get out of jail free" card for Jason, but Claire's not having it and reminds everyone that Jason's release is temporary.

Luke summons each of his kids for a goodbye scene.  I can't remember the last time Luke said goodbye to the offspring on his way out of town, so it was nice to see them all gathered.  He explains to Lucky that he's leaving to give Tracy a chance to cool down and get hot for him again.  He gives Ethan money to pay off a debt on Friday night.  And he and Lulu discuss the ways of the heart.  Once he's gone, the three discuss whether there was a reason, other than Tracy, for Luke's sudden departure.  Tracy shows up and claims that Luke stole 10 million dollars.

Lulu's "save Dante" train pulls into the Spinelli station, where she begs him not to help Jason escape once the Franco business is over.  Since Spinelli has already helped SaSon place the original hit on Dante, and since he's busy cohorting with Carly to mess up Lante, I'm guessing he won't listen to his old friend.

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Spinelli is thrilled that Jason is coming home.  Maxie assumes that his transformation is because he's going to fight Matt for her affections.  Maxie can be an annoying pain at times, but she doesn't deserve to be second best to a mob hitman in the heart of her supposed lover. 

Sam comes home ready to have a romantic rendezvous with Jason, only to find Spinelli planning his own, creepy reunion.  Seriously dude, it's not healthy.

Matt meets Maxie at the docks with a rose.  She tells him Spinelli has come out of his funk and Matt is prepared to move on, but Maxie's not ready to let go.  Again, hot young doctor over here, versus odd hitman-obsessed computer geek over here.  Is there a competition, really?

Shirley's cancer has migrated to her brain.  Lisa and Steven discuss surgery for her, and if it involves the brain, then we're looking at Patrick.  Lisa suggests that Steven lift the suspension, which he does to allow Patrick to operate.  Patrick's hand has miraculously cured itself overnight, and the fact that he and Lisa appeared fine, happy and not antagonistical towards each other, considering what happened "yesterday", makes me think some of these scenes were shot out of sequence. 

Shirley's insurance won't pay for the procedure, so Liz goes to Nikolas. Despite the fact that she's spent the past I don't know how many months telling Nik to stay away from her, she now asks him to pay for Shirley's procedure.  Oy vey LIz.. Nik agrees, either because he thinks it will get him back into Liz' good graces, or so he can use it against her at a later date.  Prognosis for the surgery does not look good.  Why do I get the feeling that Shirley will die and leave a bazillion dollars to Liz in her will?

While Franco watches from the shadows, Dante escorts Jason home, to find Ronnie and a handful of cops parked in Jason's living room, ready to make sure he doesn't take off.