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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny reminds Max and Milo to make sure no one else gets caught in the clink-boom. Johnny shows up at the restaurant to eat and to torment Sonny with thoughts of what he and Kristina do in the privacy of his apartment. Sonny’s not worried, since he has his own plans for Johnny, although he pours Johnny’s plate on him before he leaves.

Maxie shows up at the penthouse and thinks she spots Franco but then he’s gone. Carly arrives and they both go up to visit the newly released Jason. Did I miss when they mentioned what happened to Kirsten Storms' foot?

Dante, Jason and Ronnie clash over what Jason can or can’t do. Maxie throws her weight around, so Ronnie and the uniformed officers leave. Maxie also demands to know why Dante is sticking around and Carly tells her to back off.

Lucky, Lulu and Ethan try to defend Luke to Tracy, but she’s not interested. She’s determined to make Luke pay for stealing her money. Lucky and Ethan still think that something else made Luke leave.

Lulu tries to convince Tracy to take Luke back, that she’s happy with the two of them together. Tracy brings up Dante and tells her not to compromise her principles for him.

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Alexis and Kristina discuss the dinner plans and K is playing nice, but when Alexis leaves the room, Kristina tells Molly that she won’t be joining them for dinner. She will go and hang out with Johnny; and when Sonny loses it, Michael will see the true Sonny.

Shirley’s surgery is successful and Patrick and Lisa wear out their arms patting each other on the back. Liz makes nice with Nikolas, telling him that Shirley always felt she wasn’t giving Nikolas a chance. The two share a sweet scene, which Lucky oversees.

Olivia goes to Sonny to tell him that Johnny isn’t sleeping with Kristina and that both are messing with his head. While Sonny understands that both are responsible, he feels the blame lays on Johnny, who is the adult. Olivia tells him to do nothing and he cryptically agrees.

Ethan tells Johnny that he can’t help him with whatever his plans are for the evening, since Luke left him a mission. At first, Johnny is annoyed that Ethan’s not helping, but then decides he doesn’t need his help after all.

Carly and Jason discuss his plans once the Franco thing is done. She accepts that he and Sam will likely take off, so as not to have to go back to prison. He tells her to stop whatever plans she has against Lante, but she’s not listening.

Sam, Michael and Sonny arrive at Alexis’ for dinner, and everyone makes nice, but Kristina ducks out and leaves.

Olivia meets Johnny at his apartment. Max’s skeevy looking friend sets the bomb under Johnny’s car.

Dante leaves Jason and Spinelli alone. When he leaves the penthouse, he pulls a gun on the homeless man. Ten bucks says it’s not Franco!