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Eric Roberts on Y&R Debut: "I Couldn't Say No"


Eric Roberts opens up about his decision to join The Young and the Restless with TV Guide'sMichael Logan. Roberts doesn't mince words why he made his way back to where he planted his acting roots.

TV Guide Magazine: Welcome back to soaps!

Eric Roberts: Who knew, huh? [Laughs] I made a list of pros and even stronger pros about doing Y&R and I couldn't say no. I'm crazy about the people there. I worked with [co-executive producer] Paul Rauch way back on AW. And as much as I like seeing the world on location, it's nice to have a job in town. I'll be with Y&R through the summer. I'm one of the lucky ones, man. I really am. Everybody's going on and on about why I'm on daytime TV now. And, through you, I'd like to take the time to answer them: I'm a human being living on planet Earth with responsibilities and bills to pay and I'm very proud to be employed. [Laughs] I wish such a good job on everybody.

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The actor also gives a little hint as to what viewers can expect when he hits Genoa City as cutthroat attorney Vance.

TV Guide Magazine: Your Y&R character will defend psycho-villain Adam Newman [Michael Muhney] in a court case that'll rock Genoa City. Is Vance a villain, too?

Eric Roberts: Villains never think they're villains. In fact, they think they're victims. So no. He's certainly a guy to be reckoned with — a badass high-powered attorney who's famous in the legal world — but he is not a villain. And, by the way, that Michael Muhney is a very good actor. He's a movie star, that kid!

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