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James Franco on Working With His Mama on GH: "It Was Strange"

At the top of June, Yours Scooptastically broke that James Franco's real-life mom Betsy Franco would be playing his mother on General Hospital. The actor recently dished about the casting development to We Love Soaps. Here's what he had to say about working with his mama!


"It was strange [laughs]. She plays my character's mother so it felt kind of familiar,” James explains in an exclusive interview with We Love Soaps, “but her character was a little different than she is, and our relationship on the show is little different than our real relationship. Especially since I play a murderer on the show and I'm not a murderer in real life. So it felt more familiar and a little strange. It was almost like an alternate universe [laughs]. What could have happened if I became a murderer."

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