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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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At the lake house, Sonny realizes that Kristina hasn't come out of her room, but Alexis tells him that she had an SAT class and left.  Sam takes off, saying she's got unfinished business.  Sonny and Alexis discuss Kristina and how to handle her.  As if anyone could at this point.

Olivia tells Johnny that she told Sonny the truth about his relationship with Kristina, and he's not that happy about it.  Kristina arrives and Johnny asks Olivia to leave so he and K can talk.

Dante chases down the homeless man, but he isn't Franco.  Dante runs into Ronnie, who yammers on about Dante's inability to do his job and the possibility that Jason will run.

Spinelli finds Franco's mother, who is living in Woodstock.  Spinelli isn't happy to have to work with Dante, but Jason assures him that it's necessary.  Jason tells Dante about the mother, and they decide to go and find the woman together. They do, but the woman denies having a son.

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Patrick and Lisa get drunk, head back to her place and start making out.  I think I'm officially done with Dr. Drake.  Pfffft.

Lulu and Maxie are at work, when red roses are delivered to Maxie.  She assumes they're from Matt, but when Matt shows up and denies sending them, Lulu tells her they're likely from Spinelli, which appears to disappoint Maxie.

Liz sits vigil at Shirley's bedside.  Nik joins her and Liz apologizes for all the times she was a biatch to him, telling him that Shirley has made her see the things she should be grateful for, which include Nikolas.  He tells her to go home and rest and that he'll stay with Shirley.  If I wasn't anti-Niz, it would have been cute.

Lulu visits Spinelli and they go around in circles on the Dante issue. I want to tell him to shut his piehole and get rid of his fake concern, considering he's conspiring against her with Carly.  Hypocrite.  Lulu accidentally spills the beans about Maxie's flowers, which Spinelli denies sending.  Oooh, did that hurt you Spinelli?  Good.

Johnny and Kristina discuss this whole mess and, in a pretty quick turnaround (otherwise known as a plot point!), she agrees she was being silly and promises to stop messing with her father. She asks to continue to be his friend.  He agrees and offers to drive her home.

Sam returns to the lake house as everyone begins to worry that Kristina isn't back yet.  Sam says there was no SAT class and all eyes turn to Molly, who admits that K went to see Johnny.  Sonny gets the infamous "oh, crap" look on his face and takes off.  He calls Max from the limo to tell him to stop the hit, but Max says the only way to stop it is to warn Johnny. 

Maxie's alone at Crimson when Franco shows up with more flowers.  Call him a crazy serial killer, but that boy cleans up good!!

Sonny gets to garage just as Johnny hits the button on his keys and the car blows up.  And I wonder why that wasn't the closing scene for the weekend.