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Yippee Skippy, Stacy Haiduk is Kicked to The Curb, But We Get More Sean Young on Y&R! (Wonk, Wonk)

Donald Trump is going to have a hard time finding enough Q-listers for the next installment of Celebrity Apprentice, because Maria Arena Bell is all-fired and determined to hire them all on The Young and the Restless. That's right Danny Bonaduce, Grace Jones, get yourselves some new headshots! is exclus-a-tus-ively breaking the news that Sean Young is extending her stay as Catwoman Meggie the Barmaid. Buh bye Sexy Ryder (Wilson Bethel). Kick rocks, Find-of-the-Decade Stacy Haiduk. Go wring some hands Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott).


Can you tell I'm just beside myself with glee? No, not the television series kind, the sheer, unadulterated kind that can only come from watching a well-managed, character-driven soap opera that respects its fans. No, I didn't chop down that cherry tree. Why on Earth would you ask a thing like that?   

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