Can Y&R's Chloe and Chance Survive Hurricane Heather?


He may have done a tour in Iraq, but the real fight is just beginning for The Young and the Restless’ Chance (John Driscoll). The perennial good cop is caught in the crosshairs of two lovely ladies. Fiancée Chloe (Elizabeth Henrickson) is legendary for keeping a death grip on her men, but sexy ADA Heather (Eden Riegel) is blatantly flirtatious and has shown potential to play dirty. Chloe has the ring, Chance’s v-card, and the apartment down the hall from him and his lusty colleague, but is her artillery heavy enough to keep enemy hands off her man?

Personally, I would love to see Chance’s morals go AWOL for a minute. Being a decorated soldier, overzealous detective, and a virgin who fell in love with the first woman he slept with, a tumble off his pedestal is in order so he can be more human. It’s hard to relate to a butter-won’t-melt-in-my-mouth character, and if Chance goes on for too long without so much as a speeding ticket, it will be even harder to forgive him when he really screws up, a la Cane (Daniel Goddard) lying about being a Chancellor after lambasting Billy’s bad behavior.

Ironically, it may be Chloe who hands her guy right to Heather’s waiting cleavage. Chloe’s known for being super-clingy in relationships. Behind all her spunk and snarky comebacks lies a lot of insecurity, as we saw when she told Kevin (Greg Rikaart) about her history with cheating men. Her best bet is to have an open conversation with Chance and cite some of Heather’s inappropriate advances to support her suspicions. Unfortunately, Chloe is about as subtle as a hunter with a belt full of bells, so her moving in with Kevin to spy on Chance and flying off at the handle on Heather and Nina (Tricia Cast) are not helping her cause.

Chance is no innocent party in this, either. He should know by Heather’s implication that they were sharing a bed that she’s got the hots for him, and he’s not doing much to discourage her. Shirtless push-ups, Chance? To add even more drama to the mix, we have Heather sporting lingerie, her sob story about her failed romance with a sociopath, and mom Nina, who of course hates Chloe. I find Chloe and Kevin’s new bond the most interesting of complications. Kevin is reeling from his wife’s rejection and affair. Both can relate to losing someone they love deeply, and former bad boy Kevin knows what it’s like to play in the grey, unlike straight-laced Chance. All things considered, will Chance and Chloe survive Hurricane Heather?