One Life to Live Spoilers


A shootout, a secret revealed and a death shake things up in the town of Llanview this week. Don't forget that One Life to Live will air a repeat episode on Monday, July 5th. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of July 5th.


Tea/Dani/Blair: Tea falls extremely ill and Blair takes her to the hospital. As they enter the hospital, they bump into Todd, Starr, Nate, James, and Dani. Dani wants to know what's going on with her mother. Tea breaks the news to her daughter that she is dying of cancer. Dani is absolutely devastated and runs out of the hospital. She takes a walk in the park to collect her thoughts. Blair praises Tea for bravely telling Dani the truth about her illness. Blair also reassures Tea that she will be there for her and Dani every step of the way. Dani returns to the hospital and tells Tea she will stick by her side. Has Dani truly accepted the fact that her mother is dying?

Kelly: Kelly runs into Blair and they chat about Eli asking Blair to marry him. Kelly is floored to find out that Blair has reservations about marrying Eli. She gives Blair a little advice and goes to visit Jessica. Kelly reveals to Jessica that Todd's kiss still has her shaken up, but she knows that Todd is not interested in her. Is Kelly starting to fall for Todd?

Eli/Ford/Hannah: Eli's dark side comes to light when a scared Ford reveals that he followed Eli's directions and told the police Hannah attacked him. After covering his bases with Ford, Eli heads back to the station. John soon arrives with Cole and Hannah and they speak with Eli. Eli becomes Hannah's lawyer and immediately has a private meeting with her. He begins to ask her a number of questions about the night of Marty's attack. Eli makes sure Hannah will not tell anyone what she really saw by threatening her. How far will Eli go to keep his dark side hidden from the citizens of Llanview?

Brody/Jessica: Jessica tells Brody that she almost slept with Ford on prom night. She feels awful, but Brody quickly forgives her, as his guilt for sleeping with Natalie on the same night starts to sink in.

Todd meets Bull at the barn, but is shocked when Starr and Dani show up out of nowhere. The hostage situation with Nate turns ugly when Starr and Dani end up in danger. Todd is put in a position where he must make a decision between Starr and Dani. He can't choose between his daughters and a shootout erupts in the barn. In the end, Bull dies and James is seriously wounded. Todd rushes James to the hospital and deals with Nate. Todd lets Nate know he holds him responsible for putting Dani in danger. How will everyone deal with the fallout from James and Nate's mess?

Cole learns about the shootout and hightails it to the hospital. He is relieved to find Starr there, safe and sound. Cole tells Starr that Hannah finally confessed to lying about everything. He sincerely apologizes to Starr and hopes to reconcile with her. As Starr is about to respond, a nurse shows up to give them James' latest prognosis. After the nurse leaves, Cole knows that Starr has formed a bond with James. Does Cole have to worry about James and Starr's connection?

David/Dorian/Viki/Charlie: Viki and Charlie put their heads together to formulate a plan to get David and Dorian back together.

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (July 12th):

  • Todd asks Tea to marry him
  • Blair gives Eli an answer
  • Hannah has a breakdown
  • Dorian gets an eyeful when she catches Viki and David in bed
  • Bo washes his hands of David
  • Cole pays Hannah a visit