Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Scott Clifton: He makes he debut as Spencer Publication's new, sharp-as-a-tack intern.

Stephen/Pam/Stephanie: Pam's eyewitness testimony causes another rift in her relationship with Stephanie. Meanwhile, La Forrester is pissed Pam can't see Stephen is just using her. The Logan patriarch gets released from jail with Bill's help. Stephen keeps on trying to prove to Pam he genuinely has feelings for her. Later, he receives a threat from Stephanie.

Bill: He revs up his quest to get Forrester Creations once again.

Hope: She makes the choice to go to college in Boston. Hope gives up on Oliver.

Bridget: She gets shut down yet again by Nick. Jackie comforts Bridget.

Ridge/Brooke/Steffy: The ruthless Forrester heiress finds out about Donna's divorce settlement. Steffy decides to use it to her advantage and strong arms Brooke once more. A fed up Brooke tells Ridge that Steffy's blackmailing caused her to leave Forrester. Ridge is shocked to find out he's been hustled once again.