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Jillian's Days Spoilers!


Will: He listens in on the real story of Madeline's past.

Ciara: She exposes a mystery regarding Hope.

Bo/Adrienne: They start to wonder about Hope's strange behavior.

Caroline: Ma Brady gets into a shouting match with Victor and Maggie.

Adrienne: She discovers Justin in Hope's bedroom!

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Sam/EJ/Nicole: Sami finally cracks and admits she is starting to have more than friendly feelings for him. Nicole is still hellbent on finding out what EJ has on her and starts to snoop around. She also tries to get the dirt from Sami, who shuts her down. Nicole bumps into Stefano, who scares her by claiming he's seen the evidence EJ has on her. Nicole starts to doubt Stefano, theorizing her ex in-laws would've busted her already with what they know. Later, she heads over to the DiMera house to find what EJ may have on her.

She ultimately finds her old sonogram in EJ's room and becomes emotional. She heads back downstairs and hides when EJ and Stefano arrive. Nicole starts taping their conversation and finally hits pay dirt. She overhears EJ admitting he was behind Sydney's kidnapping!

Melanie: She informs her husband about Daniel and Chloe's bundle of joy.

Stephanie: She starts to wonder about what's making Philip act weird.

Carly/Chloe: Dr. Manning decides to keep quiet about the songbird's sexcapade,  provided she takes a paternity test.

Abe/Lexie: The Carvers start to ponder if their marriage can be salvaged.