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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis insists that Sonny tell her the truth about the car bomb, but essentially says she'll keep Kristina away from him for good if he was responsible, so Sonny lies and tells her it wasn't him.  Michael accepts the cover up from Sonny, which surprises me, because despite Michael's love of all things Sonny, I would have thought his feelings for his sister would have prevented him from going along with his father.

Patrick comes home to find Robin has returned and he's surprised. She's apologetic about everything, he's douchebaggy and skanky, and I'm totally skeeved out that the remnants of Lisa are all over him as my girl hugs her husband.

Maxie tells Jason and Dante about Franco's visit to Crimson, which brings out round 290 of Spinelli whining about how he can't protect Maxie.  Jason and Dante try to unravel the clues that Franco is leaving behind, but they come up empty. Dante volunteers to drive Maxie home while Spinelli and Jason continue to check out video footage.

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When Maxie gets home, she tells Lulu about Franco's visit and Lulu worries about Dante's life.

Jax and Skye continue to discuss her issues with Lorenzo's hidden money and his issues with Carly.  When Carly shows up, Skye gets Jax to kiss her, which Carly witnesses and then gets angry with Olivia.  Johnny calls Olivia to tell her about the car bomb.

Mac questions Kristina about the accident.  She doesn't remember seeing Sonny there until after she came to.  Alexis takes her home and tells her there will be no more meetings with Johnny, which Kristina begins to fight about.  Johnny arrives and asks for a minute with Kristina. Even though he believes that Sonny planted the bomb, he tells K otherwise and reinforces that they will not be together any longer.

Claire shows up at Sonny's, and I remember why I love her so much, because she calls him on his ish and doesn't believe a fat lie that comes out of his mouth.

Line of the day:

Claire to Sonny: "Feeling sort of lousy about nearly murdering your own daughter?"

Olivia runs to Sonny and demands that he tell her the truth about the bomb.  She tells him to swear on Dante's life, and the little liar opens his mouth and, for the third time in the same day, claims he wasn't the one responsible for nearly killing Johnny. 

After a lovely visit with his slightly cuckoo mother, Franco stops by the Metrocourt to pay Carly a visit.  She declares she'll kill him if he lays a finger on her family, but he's only interested in giving her a message about how much fun Michael was in prison.