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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Robin arrives at the hospital and Lisa is first in line to hug her. She spends the rest of her time making snide and veiled comments about what Patrick has been up to while she was gone.  Steven quickly sees the truth and confronts Lisa, with the knowledge that she slept with Patrick. 

Ethan shows up at Johnny's, upset about the car bomb and the real threat to his safety.  Johnny claims he won't retaliate against Sonny, at least not right away, to let Sonny stew in his juices.  Ethan demands a raise.

Lucky questions Sonny, who continues to claim that he had nothing to do with the bomb, and offers up the Lopez brothers again.  Lucky heads back to the PCPD for a chat with Claire, to tell her that he believes that Sonny is, in fact, guilty.  Claire decides to use Sonny's attraction for her to her advantage and Lucky warns her not to fall for Sonny for real. 

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Maxie's plan to make Spinelli jealous with Matt continues, despite Lulu's warnings against it.  Later on, Matt shows up, makes cute and plants one on Maxie, just as Spinelli arrives, sees the kiss, and leaves.  Lulu tells Maxie that Spinelli saw the kiss.

Liz and Nik visit Shirley, who looks remarkably well considering she just had brain surgery "yesterday".  After Nik leaves, Shirley tells Liz a story of her first love and how she threw away her family to be with him.  Interesting that it's only coming up now, after Liz has reconciled with Nikolas.  After hearing the story, Liz heads over to the PCPD to talk to Lucky, just as Maxie plants a kiss on him.  Maxie's clearly getting some action these days.

Olivia shows up to see Johnny and have hot sex on the couch.  After they're done, she tells him, for the 8976th time, that they are over and leaves.

Kristina drops by to see Sonny and has an outburst where she claims she doesn't believe he's innocent of the car bombing, but will stop seeing Johnny, to protect him.  Sonny decides to parent her and tells her to respect him as her father, adding that she will be punished by having a curfew, having her credit cards taken away, and with a weekly dinner with her father.  A shaken Kristina agrees to the terms. 

While I've wanted someone to parent Kristina for a while now, I wanted it to be Alexis and not Sonny, so this turn of events is ticking me off.  Plant a bomb in your enemy's car = having your daughter back in your good graces.  Pfffft.

Carly asks Steven for dinner at the Metrocourt and while they're there, Jax and Skye are eating there as well. CarJax have eyes only for each other and not their dates, which is fine with Skye, but not so much with Steven, who doesn't seem to be happy that someone else is using him to make another guy jealous.

Claire goes to Sonny's restaurant and apologizes to him for her behavior. Ego-centric Sonny laps it up and falls for her stories.