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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Claire continues to apologize to Sonny, who continues to lap it up because he's not smart enough to see that he's being played. 

Lucky questions why Maxie's macking on him and, in her typical Maxie-esque way, she explains something about being freaked out by Matt's kiss and wanting to see if Lucky is still a good kisser.  It didn't make a lot of sense, but it gave Jonathan Jackson a chance to do his confused, amused, annoyed, intrigued look that he does so well.  Liz confronts Maxie, throwing the "drug pushing-marriage breaking" argument at her, which Maxie counters with the "you have three babies with three different baby daddies" argument. It's tough to say who won that one. 

Liz heads over to the park and runs into Nik and Spencer. She apologizes again for how she's been treating Nikolas and asks if he's willing to be there for her now. Nik laps up the attention, but promises not to push her for more than she's willing to give.

Dante and Jason discuss the Franco case with Spinelli, who's particularly in a bad mood. Dante leaves so that Jason can get to the bottom of Spin's problems.  Spinelli tells him about Matt and Maxie's kiss and declares Spixie dead.  And Perkie says 'halleluah".

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Franco has weird scenes where he's at a house (which looks an awful lot like the CarJax house set) and meets with some strange art guy with a bad fake German accent. Then he sits on the floor with his monkey (not a euphemism), looking at pictures of Port Charles finest, trying to decide who's next.

Lisa continues with her double entendres and Patrick finally tells her to knock it off.  Robin asks Patrick to meet her in the supply closet, which he does, but he isn't really interested in Robin. Clearly his guilty conscience is getting the best of him.  I want him to tell her, so that she can kick him in the family jewels and tell him where to go.  And then go kick Lisa in the family jewels.  Nobody messes with Anna Freakin' Devane's daughter on my watch!

Michael tells Dante about the car bomb.  Lulu arrives in a panic about their relationship.  Michael leaves them alone to go visit his parole officer.  Dante assures Lulu that their relationship is fine and they have a couple of minutes of affection before real life sets in.

Skye continues to encourage Jax to make Carly jealous.  Carly apologizes to Steven about using him to make Jax jealous. 

Carly heads over to Jason's to tell him about her encounter with Franco. When Jason leaves the room, she reminds Spinelli that their little job isn't finished yet. 

Claire tells Lucky that Sonny was loving all her attention and that she deliberately left her bracelet behind so that she'd have to go back.  Lucky warns her again to be careful.  Michael visits with Sonny and reminds him that the conditions from the judge were limited contact and that he isn't interested in going back to prison.  Sonny tells Michael that he's been having nightmares of Kristina getting blown up, just as Claire shows up.

Lulu finds Jax and Jocelyn in the park and has a sweet moment with them before heading to work.  Jax turns his back on Joss long enough for Franco to make an appearance.