Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Brooke/Ridge/Steffy: Feeling the squeeze, Brooke opens up to Ridge about Steffy's blackmail. Steffy's in for a shock when dear old dad rips into her for her schemes regarding Oliver and Brooke. Ridge also makes Steffy greet Brooke when she returns to Forrester Creations.

Nick/Aggie: The two hit the sheets after a great evening together.

Rick/Amber: The ex-spouses reunite and take a trip down memory lane.

Hope: She decides to stay in town for college.

Liam: The new Spencer Publications intern hits pay dirt that Dollar Bill decides to capitalize on.

Steffy: Her video dedication to Brooke has been meddled with unbeknown to her. When Steffy airs it at a press conference, drama ensues. The fallout from the video is felt and payback is on the minds for some people.