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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!


Chad/Madeline: Chad gets the 411 from Will that his mom was a lady of the night (prostitute). A stunned Chad heads to see Kate to get more information. Afterwards, Chad confronts his mother with what he knows and she admits it all. Chad is shocked about the revelation Madeline reveals and storms off. Madeline tries to talk to Chad and heads after him as he walks upstairs and reaches after him. Chad pulls away out of hurt causing Madeline to fall and hit her head.

Stefano: He tries to comfort Chad after he receives bad news from Lexi.

Sami: She starts to have reservations about EJ. Meanwhile, Sami tells Rafe she's sticking around at the DiMera mansion.

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Rafe: He begins to probe Nicole.

Bo/Hope/Adrienne: Bo starts to get a clue about Hope's weird actions and decides to investigate. Adrienne has a showdown with Hope regarding the kiss she planted on Justin but Hope denies it all. A puzzled Adrienne starts to figure out Hope isn't playing with a full deck. Meanwhile a clueless Justin thinks everything is OK and informs Bo he and Hope are moving forward together. Hope heads to her doctor to get more pills. He tries to tell her about the side effect and Hope brushes him off. Later, Fancy Face spots her soon-to-be ex and Carly sharing a tender moment and a kiss.

Hope and Carly have a heated argument on not being a bit more discreet at work with her relationship with Bo. Bo referee the ladies where the two wonder how their marriage crumbled. Later, Hope takes another pill and bumps into Carly again where she does a complete 180 and is very nice to her. Adrienne and Bo see each other out where she fills Bo in on catching Justin and Hope kissing and afterwards Hope denying it. Carly also tells Bo about running into Hope again and her being very nice to her. Bo begins to wonder what is making Hope act bizarre with everyone.

Hope: The nighttime version of Fancy Face comes to the surface during the day. Hope drugs Bo's coffee with her sleeping medication.

Nicole: She has a demand for EJ.

Nathan/Stephanie: The lovebirds decide to take their relationship a step further by playing house.

She fills Philip in on her plans to throw a baby shower for Chloe.