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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!

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Adam: Skye comes in and saves the day with kickass attorney Vance Abrams. Pomerantz is driven to nail Adam's hide to the wall but is shocked when Vance gets bail set for Adam. Skye also comes to Adam's rescue but with a catch, marry me and get bail or rot in jail. Adam goes with the plan and lets her know its just a marriage on paper, since he thinks Skye wants the Newman name and power.

Everything starts to look up for Adam when he gets word the Abbott cabin mock trial he was in along with his family and associates may work in his favor. Later, Heather gets word about Adam's case and rips into him for his actions. Adam doesn't let Heather's wrath phase him and doesn't show any emotions. Heather tries to warn Skye that Adam's all about himself and she's being played. Once his bail is paid, Skye has a Justice of the Peace show up to marry Adam and herself. Meanwhile, Adam lets Sharon know he still loves her and will never stop. She shuts him down by asking him if Skye is aware of the feelings he still has for her.

Victor: He condemns Adam.

Nikki: She's shocked by Victor's suggestion. Nikki lets Meggie know Victor is her man.

Phyllis/Nick/Sharon: After leaving the ranch, Big red takes little Summer and heads to her condo. Phyllis kicks Sharon out and informs her she and Nick are done and she's welcome to him. Meanwhile Nick tells Nikki about Phyllis leaving him. She tells her son to fight for his marriage causing Nick to search high and low for his wife and daughter.

Nick bumps into Sharon getting a room at the GCAC where she fills him in on what happened between she and Phyllis. Nick pours his wishy-washy heart out to her and says he wants to be with Phyllis forever. An oblivious Nick doesn't realize his remarks have crushed Sharon. Phyllis starts to think about all the good times she and Nick shared together when he arrives at the penthouse. Hat in hand, Nick pleads with her to give him another chance but Phyllis isn't buying what Nick is selling. A dejected Nick leaves while Phyllis is hurt he didn't try harder to keep her.

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