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What If Sonny and Erica's Elevator Actually Moved?

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As I was watching ABC’s new What If webisodes I couldn’t help but notice that Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Erica’s (Susan Lucci) elevator was stuck on the first floor and never actually moved during the entire episode, even though that's what we were led to believe.

You’ll notice Sonny enters the elevator on the first floor and stops it himself before trying to grope Erica. After she pushes him away he restarts the elevator, but it becomes stuck, kicking off Sonny’s claustrophobia. Unfortunately, according to the elevator’s floor indicator the elevator never actually moved and everything that took place was while they were still stuck on the main level of the building. Why then did it take over an hour for them to be rescued? It can’t possibly be that hard to find a crowbar or have Jason rush to Sonny's rescue by pulling the doors apart himself.

Rewatch the clip after the jump!

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